Cocoa Beach Pier

Beach Bum Wednesday: Cocoa Beach, Florida

I thought I’d kick off Beach Bum Wednesdays with my own local stomping ground, Cocoa Beach. It’s one of the most famous beaches in Florida, probably because it was the home of Major Nelson and crew on the old TV show I Dream of Jeannie. In fact, here’s a great post by Outside the Den that […]

Disney World

Visiting Disney with Young Children –Tips from One Mother to Another

Walt Disney World is every parent’s dream family vacation– to see the magic on your childrens’ faces when they step inside the Magic Kingdom is the most wonderful feeling in the world.  At first glance, a trip to Disney for your family may seem costly, overwhelming, and even out of reach. Read on for some […]

Disney Princess by H. Michael Miley on Flickr

Five Exciting New Reasons to Take Another Trip to Orlando

Orlando has long been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the United States. There are so many attractions to enjoy here and so much to see and do. If you’ve been here before and think that you’ve done everything, think again. New attractions are popping up every year, and here are five of […]

Florida's Always Sunny

Florida’s Always Sunny: 5 Florida Destinations To Try This Winter

Winter is the best time of year for a visit to Florida. The crisp air and blue skies of winter transform Florida into a true paradise. Temperatures are mild, humidity is reduced, and the sudden downpours of summertime have passed. This winter consider five exquisite vacation destinations in Florida. Orlando and Central Florida Central Florida […]

Florida: Cultural Mecca Of The South?

Florida has been a vacation destination almost since it became a state. The tropical weather, beautiful beaches, and various tourist attractions that developed over the years have made it a perfect vacation spot for people around the world. And among hundreds of thousands of young people, Florida has developed a reputation as the party state, […]

Disney Cruise Ship - Disney Magic

Should You Choose a Disney Cruise over Disney World?

There are not many things which are more American than Disney World. It is that one vacation that all Americans dream of taking. No everyone can afford to go. The more children you have, the harder it is to make it. Finding the right ages for your children to enjoy it, and to find time […]


8 Things to Do in Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida is a great place to vacation. It is famous for its gorgeous emerald green coast, and it happens to be one of the best cities in Florida to vacation in. Skip the long lines and whining children of Disney World and head to Destin for adventure and relaxation. Strap your Feet Into a […]

Aspen Colorado

4 Vacation Spots You’ll Want to Move To

Wouldn’t it be great if you always felt like you were on vacation? Well, it’s possible, if you live in the right town. Whether you’re looking for a place to retire or a place to raise your family, take a look at these four awesome vacation spots you’ll want to move to. 1. Destin, Florida […]

Disney World All-Star Movies Resort by Darren Wittko on Flickr

Orlando Theme Park Hotels: 5 Valuable Reasons to Stay

Theme parks have become such a great American hobby that sports stars like to mention them after just about any great victory (I’m going to Disney World!). Simply heading down towards Orlando can give a person an opportunity to enjoy many of these parks, and by the time a vacation is over with, it’s likely […]

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado

3 National Parks to Visit During the Summer

The summer months present the ideal time for travel, camping, and visiting national parks. Due to the natural inclination of families to spend their vacation time at the beach, national parks aren’t as crowded. This opens the door for a better camping and exploring experience. People want to escape the crowds and chaos of daily life […]

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