Puteri Harbour Theme Park

Top 4 Kid-Friendly Places to Visit in Malaysia

If you’re thinking of a Southeast Asian country you can take your family on a vacation to, then Malaysia must be on your list. There are many resorts and attractions in the country where you can take your child to and watch him have the time of his life. Aside from the many attractions and […]

Nairobi, Kenya

Top 5 Family-Friendly Culture Events in Kenya This Summer

Kenya’s cultural calendar is packed full of enthralling cultural events throughout the year. If you’re planning a trip, why not tie in a few days in Nairobi at the start or end of your holiday to include some of the following? Or if you’ve got a craving for adventure and a bit more time, head […]


Beer and Bands at Tockwith Festival 2013

Growing into one of the best events on the UK music festival calendar, The Tockwith Festival in York was back this year for the fifth time last month. Its budding reputation is no surprise to anyone – it’s got the lot! Those who went could drink and dine with new friends, enjoy the music acts […]

La Tomatina Festival in Spain

La Tomatina 2013

If you’ve decided to spend your summer travelling around Spain, one thing you absolutely cannot miss is La Tomatina festival in Bunol. Whether you’re starting at Valencia, Barcelona or the Costa del Sol, it’s easy enough to find a bus to Bunol, or if you prefer the freedom, why not hire a car to get you there […]

Sinulog Festival

Top 5 Philippine Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss

Festivals are grand events that mirror traditions, past triumphs or religious celebrations. Most of them are marked by colorful costumes, street dancing, breathtaking fireworks, parades or processions and other entertaining activities. For countries in Southeast Asia, festivals have always been a part of culture. The Philippines, Malaysia’s neighboring country, is home to numerous festivals all […]

Watermelon Skiing by Sophie Benjamin on Flickr

Watermelon Skiing

The watermelon is as old as time, with the first harvest taking place almost 5,000 years ago in Egypt. Even earlier than this, the watermelon was believed to originate from the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Chinchilla hosts the Chinchilla Melon Festival every two years that is acclaimed nationally appealing to many people from all over […]

Fall Festivals

Indy’s Fabulous Fall Festivals

If fall is your favorite season, Indianapolis is the perfect vacation destination. Not only does the area feature multiple high quality haunted houses for Halloween enthusiasts, but it is also the home of dozens of different fall festivals, fairs and other events. Even if you prefer festivals that place an emphasis on music or film […]

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Performers

Things to do in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival

Even though Edinburgh is quite a relaxed, serene place for most of the year and is still more than worth a visit all year round, there is one part of the year it’s at its liveliest. Edinburgh Fringe Festival time brings a different dynamic to this most English of Scottish cities. The world famous Edinburgh […]

Lovran, Croatia

Croatia Asparagus Festival

The Croatia Asparagus festival is a yearly event held in high esteem for the locals, and indeed the flocks of people who come from all over the world to appreciate it. I usually stay in Dubrovnik villas as many are located on the Dalmatian coast with spectacular sea views. The festival lasts for 2 weeks […]

Las Fallas Fireworks

March Madness – The Astonishing Mascletà Firework Display of Valencia

If you were lucky enough to visit Valencia during the past month of March, you’ll no doubt have been amazed to feel the foundations of the city shake and rumble at precisely the same time each afternoon. The thunderous vibrations and the deafening volleys of sound would have been impossible to miss and maybe a […]

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