Travel Tips for a Family Vacation

Planning Ahead for a Fun and Safe Family Vacation

Wherever the destination of your next family vacation may be, traveling long distances with children can be more of a stress-creator than a stress-reliever. This is especially true for road trips, where driving long distances with kids in the car can be a frustrating experience. The stream of questions, complaints and yelling seems endless. But […]

Las Vegas Activities for Children

Seven Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is no longer the adult playground it once was. You can safely travel to Las Vegas, avoiding every aspect of “Sin City”, and have a great family vacation. Here are seven reasons why you SHOULD take your kids to Las Vegas. 1. Las Vegas is easy to get to. With flights from all […]

Family-Friendly Disney Cruise Line

Making a Cruise Enjoyable for the Entire Family

Cruises, which once seemed to only have options for adults or couples, are now becoming increasingly popular with families. Most cruise lines now offer special activities and programs that are geared specifically for children. With on-board programs for children and adults, as well as entertaining excursions when the ship is at port, a cruise can […]

Good Eating

Tips For Beginning Campers

How to Have A Successful Camping Trip Car camping is a fun activity for children and adults. Taking your children camping for the first time is an exciting experience. The first thing to do in order to make sure that you bring everything, is to prepare a thorough checklist. You will need to bring along […]

5 First Aid Items To Take When Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is fun for parents, who get to experience the trip through the eyes of their children. Kids are curious and authentic, and they see things in a very different way than their parents. Packing for children is different, too. It involves food, drinks, a change of clothes, toys, and other things to […]

rental car

Inexpensive Travel Destinations for the Whole Family

Planning a family trip these days can come with a massive price tag for travel, lodgings, food, and entertainment.  And with the economy lingering in recession and many families tightening the belt, you simply might not have the budget for you annual trip to the Hawaiian Islands.  But you don’t need to spend thousands of […]

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