Top 4 Cruises to Take With the Family in 2013

Cruises are incredibly exciting because you essentially get to take all kinds of vacations at once. There are shops on board and shows, pools, games, sometimes entire amusement park rides, such as water slides and roller coasters. That’s what makes them so great for the entire family, so consider one of these cruise destinations the […]

Benefits of Taking a Car Rental through Europe

If you are planning a vacation through Europe something that you should look into is a car rental! Car rentals can save you money if you are planning on taking a family vacation because it is usually cheaper to take a car rental if you are traveling in a large group. There a car rental […]

Want To Explore Europe? Why Backpacking Is the Way to Go!

Traveling through Europe is a heady dream for many. The thought of scenery, the languages and the people strike thoughts of wonder and envy. So why not do it? “Because I don’t have thousands of dollars”, you may be thinking to yourself as you read this. Fair enough; most people today don’t have a disposable […]


Best Ways to Learn the Catalan Culture in Barcelona

One of the many great things about living in Spain is the regional identity that each part of the country has and in Catalonia and in Barcelona, it is no different. The Catalan people and their culture is a important factor in the city and the region and understanding will help you to understand the […]

Getting Around Europe

Standing in the cold in Folkestone, looking over the Channel with Europe invitingly close; the warmer weather, the desperately rich coffee, the breath-taking architecture, it is easy to see why a few weeks backpacking around Europe draws travellers every year. Backpacking really does build an easy camaraderie amongst strangers; more experienced backpackers feel duty bound […]

Eating Healthy While Backpacking Through Europe

Having backpacked through Europe, I know that eating healthfully can fall by the wayside; due to lack of options and a transient lifestyle, finding healthy options can present quite a challenge. But eating healthy while backpacking is not an impossible task; it simply requires a little bit of planning. Accommodation Many hostels provide free water […]

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