Dubai World Cup Horse

Dubai’s Prestigious Sporting Events

Dubai has never been the sort of city to be left behind. Its development, which has been meteoric in its pace, shows no sign of decelerating anytime soon, as evidenced by the rapid rise of the vertiginous Jumeirah Lake Towers. As you would expect from a cosmopolitan city with such lofty ambitions, there has been […]

Ecotourism Activities In Dubai

Dubai is often known for its elaborate luxury and engineering feats of man-made wonder. Even one of the largest land reclamation projects in the world, was done in a custom ornate pattern. Ecotourism at first glance is not what most people think of here. However the area has a lot of biodiversity, not just desert […]

Surprsing Facts about Dubai

Surprising Facts About Dubai

Dubai is well-known for extravagant travel opportunities, but we bet you don’t know all there is to know about this beautiful city. Here are some surprising facts about Dubai that you may enjoy. Camel Burgers There are lots of restaurants that specialize in Camel meat. You will find lots of residents of Dubai who have […]

Shopping at a souk in Dubai

The Customs and Culture of Dubai – What You Need to Know

Visiting any culture different to your own may mean you have to alter your approach somewhat and be aware of certain things. Acquainting yourself with the culture of Dubai is something that’s important and will help ensure you enjoy your time in the Middle Eastern country. Here are some tips to make assured you have […]

Dubai Fountain

What to See and Do in Dubai

Dubai is one of those cities that is wonderfully located and within easy reach of just about everyone. Because of it’s national airline as well, you can usually reach it from nearly all major cities. Because of this – it makes a fantastic vacation destination. But of course, it’s not just it’s location that makes […]

Dubai, UAE

Tips to Consider Before Planning your Trip to Dubai

Dubai greets its tourists with pristine beaches, majestic deserts, azure waters, scrumptious cuisines and extravagance shopping. Tourism is certainly the most powerful industry in Dubai. Thousands of tourists arrive in Dubai every week from every corner of the world. As compared to the other states in the UAE, Dubai is very liberal but despite its […]


How High?!?! 5 Highest Holiday Destinations

How High? The world’s highest holiday destinations are not for the timid; these hotel destinations scrape into the clouds with their towering height. Whether you want to visit all of them, or just stay at a towering hotel during your vacation, here are the 5 highest holiday destinations. Baiyok Tower II, Bangkok – Located in […]

Dubai Tourism – Things to Remember while Visiting Dubai

Image via Wikipedia Dubai is a city that survives on two things: Its real estate and tourism! Dubai real estate is not doing all that well these days but Dubai still has some of the most luxurious and lively places which make it the one of most prominent tourist attractions in the world. These sites […]

Blackhole at Wet n Wild, Australia

Water Parks Around the World – A Look at 10 of the Best

Water parks form the bedrock of many a family holiday, providing fun in the water regardless of the weather. There are many amazing water parks in the world which makes choosing only 10 difficult. Most people know about Florida’s superb water parks like Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon so we’ve focused on water parks that […]

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