Great Ocean Road, Australia, by Betsy Weber on Flickr

Most Beautiful Cycling Routes in the World

Cycling is well known for providing a whole range of health benefits but it’s also a great way to get outdoors and see places at an enjoyable and relaxing rate. If you’ve ever fancied getting on your bike and soaking up some amazing sites en-route then here are some stunning cycling routes to whet your […]

Travel by Bicycle

Cycling Holidays Abroad – Hire or Fly With Your Bike?

When going on cycling holidays somewhere in their own country, most people don’t have to think twice about choosing their own bicycle rather than a rented one. However, when travelling abroad you have to consider the pros and cons of taking your bike on a flight or hiring one when you arrive at your destination. […]

Tandem Bicycle

Cycling Holidays – Can You Ride Tandem?

Do you remember when two weeks on a beach was the standard annual break from the office grind?  Down to the travel agent, opt for Greece or Spain or whatever, and off you go. Now you’re no-one unless your holiday means ‘doing something active’.  Well, if you like to be ahead of the crowd, why […]

Cycling the Great Ocean Road of Australia

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is known to be one of the greatest touring roads in the world. Skirting the edge of the rugged Victorian coastline, meandering inland through verdant countryside and then touching the coast again, at every bend of the road there is another spectacular sight to see. The only thing that beats driving […]

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