Used under creative commons license, photo by carrie-ann-nelson on Flickr

Honeymoon on a Luxury Liner

When planning every wedding there’s always so much stress involved and such a huge build-up to the big day, however the actual wedding day is all over in a flash. But what’s great if there’s always the honeymoon to look forward to when you can finally spend some alone time with your partner. So when […]

Onboard Cruise Excitement and Relaxation

A cruise vacation is like no other vacation in the world. From the moment you enter the ship’s terminal for check-in to the moment you walk onto the luxury ship for the first time, it is a feeling filled with excitement and anticipation. While making your way onboard, you will encounter many different security checkpoints […]

What to Pack for a Cruise

Going on a cruise has become a casual easy to plan vacation, for those who can afford it. With the help of travel agencies and the internet, finding the ideal cruise vacation that can fit your budget is simple. What seems to be the most challenging is the packing stage! There are numerous things to […]

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