Cortegana Castle in Andaluc

The Best Castles in Andalucía, Spain

Historical and cultural Southern Spain is interesting to most and to castle enthusiasts or medieval historians it’s even more of a draw. Spain boasts more than 2500 castles from a variety of periods including Medieval, Moorish and military fortresses. It’s impossible to tour around all the castles in Spain as even the most avid tourist […]

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

Travel the City of 100 Spiers: Prague

The largest and capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague was considered a capital of European culture. The “City of 100 Spiers” might have fallen into oblivion during the communist era but it has risen today to become one of the most visited capitals in all of Europe. If you are planning to take your […]

What’s So Fabulous About Scotland?

Scotland is a land of crumbling castles and rolling hills. The countryside is vast and the castles are impressive. Much of Scotland rests just as it did a few hundred years ago, and its culture follows suit. Folk music is still prevalent, and traditional Scottish food still dominates the cuisine. Castles Although many of the […]

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