Top 4 Cruises to Take With the Family in 2013

Cruises are incredibly exciting because you essentially get to take all kinds of vacations at once. There are shops on board and shows, pools, games, sometimes entire amusement park rides, such as water slides and roller coasters. That’s what makes them so great for the entire family, so consider one of these cruise destinations the […]

El Capitan, Yosemite, California

The 6 Most Stunning Natural Sights in North America

If you’re thinking of travelling in North America for a bit of outdoor recreation, the only thing to do is book your tickets now as you’ll be in for a treat. There is an extraordinary variety of terrain, from lush temperate forests and waterfalls to arid deserts populated by eerily-shaped rocks and from the great […]

Top 3 Snowboard Parks

Growing in popularity are terrain parks, they add another dimension to freestyling and are a great place to work on your tricks. Don’t try and rush a jump or a trick though, they all require a lot of practice, determination and patience before you can perfect them. It is also advisable to wear a helmet […]

Jacksonville Inn

5 Hottest West Coast Wedding Destinations

Couples who want to head out west for their wedding will find no shortage of great wedding venues. From simple to elegant, there are plenty of choices in each state. However, five destination spots top the charts for their unique features. 1. Yachats, Oregon This small town has one thing that is very rare on […]

British Columbia’s Sea-to-Sky Highway

Highway 99 runs through British Columbia, from the sea to the sky. It begins in a coastal rain forest in Horseshoe Bay and ends in the mountains of Whistler. There are trailheads and scenic overlooks along the drive. Part of the road is carved out of the side of a cliff. Take the Sea-to-Sky Highway […]

Vancouver Hostel

5 Great Backpacking Hostels in Vancouver

Canada is a top destination for backpackers, and Vancouver is easily the most popular city in the country for the budget traveller. With great weather, a huge range of activities, and a welcoming attitude, Vancouver is a fantastic choice – and it has an excellent selection of backpacking hostels to match. Same Sun Vancouver, Granville […]

New Zealand

Top 5 Beautiful Countries in the World

For me, beauty isn’t just about beauty salons and day spas.  I love the natural beauty of towering granite cliffs, the cool green-blue of the crystal clear ocean and rolling green hills with pockets of tall trees standing proud.  Every country has its own features of beauty, be they ever-shifting sand dune or breath-taking gorges […]

Place Royale, Quebec City by Luciano Zingaro

Amazing Canadian Summer Vacations

Canada is a healthy mix of outdoor adventure and urban sprawl, so whether you want to get away from it all or get moving, it has quite a bit to offer vacationers. Get back to nature with extreme sports, or spend your days shopping and sightseeing in one of the major cities. If you’re looking […]

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