Football in Barcelona

How to Enjoy the Beauty of Barcelona on a Budget

Taking in the sights and beauty of Barcelona does not have to break your vacation budget. This city offers tourists many low-cost sightseeing opportunities, as well as a host of free attractions. Getting around the capital of Catalonia can be simple and easy on the wallet when you research and know how to take advantage […]

Parc del Laberint in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona and Its Parks

There are several appealing buildings enriching Barcelona’s skyline. But aside from the many houses, offices, monuments and shopping buildings, the city also has green. Parks and gardens can be found throughout the city. From small to large, to architectural and romantic, the city has all variants. The green places give you a place to relax […]

Door Ermitage Labyrinth Horta

Barcelona’s Prettiest Parks and Gardens

What makes a city a great place to visit? A vibrant cultural life, interesting museums, great local food, exciting nightlife – sure, all of these things are important, but so are the moments away from the bustling life of a city. Barcelona is wonderfully alive and colorful, with excitement to be found at almost every […]


Best Ways to Learn the Catalan Culture in Barcelona

One of the many great things about living in Spain is the regional identity that each part of the country has and in Catalonia and in Barcelona, it is no different. The Catalan people and their culture is a important factor in the city and the region and understanding will help you to understand the […]


Where to Stay in Barcelona

When thinking about the perfect accommodation in Barcelona, you must take into consideration your preferences and choose the best option according to them. Booking an apartment with a company like OK Apartment Barcelona has many advantages that no other accommodation has: it combines good price with great comfort and privacy. You don’t have to share room […]

Easter in Barcelona

Barcelona Easter Breaks

Easter in Barcelona is a truly unforgettable experience. As a Catholic country, Spain begins Easter at the beginning of Lent, and when the holidays start the city really celebrates with processions, gifts and traditional ceremonies. The celebrations stretch over the whole week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, and is known as Semana Santa – […]

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