James Bond Island Ko Tapu Thailand

The World’s Most Interesting Rock Formations

One thing we can never ignore is the beauty of the natural world around us as well as our own achievements as a species on this planet. Nature however has a way of making all our achievements pale in comparison to its unstoppable, unrelenting forces. One of those amazing creations of nature are the world’s […]


Top 4 Cruises to Take With the Family in 2013

Cruises are incredibly exciting because you essentially get to take all kinds of vacations at once. There are shops on board and shows, pools, games, sometimes entire amusement park rides, such as water slides and roller coasters. That’s what makes them so great for the entire family, so consider one of these cruise destinations the […]

White Water Rafting

Heart-Racing Adventure Destinations Worldwide

Although our planet is very well-traveled, unlike it was in the olden days, there are still destinations one can enjoy with pure gleeful abandon. If you’re looking for adventure, adrenaline rushes and breathtaking views, there are plenty of locations you can enjoy that. The following list covers only a scant few of those amazing spots […]

Sydney, Australia

Planning the Perfect Gap Year to Australia

Thousands of students every year apply for visas to allow them to live and work in Australia for their gap year, where they can spend up to 12 months travelling and experiencing one of the most popular gap year destinations in the world. Volunteering For a really different and rewarding experience, one of the many […]

London Eye

6 Summer International Holidays Students Can’t Miss!

You’ve spent the past eight months or so in school and June is quickly approaching. It’s time to start planning your summer vacation! If you’re looking for a fabulous destination, you’re in luck! Here are six destinations that are sure to bring excitement to your life and make your forget just how hectic your life […]

Great Barrier Reef

Top 10 Destinations that Should Be on Your Bucket List

Life is short, and the world a huge place.  With so many places to visit, it’s difficult to work out which destinations should make it to the top of your bucket list.  However, there are some places that offer far more than photo opportunities and should definitely be considered for a place on your list. […]

Blackhole at Wet n Wild, Australia

Water Parks Around the World – A Look at 10 of the Best

Water parks form the bedrock of many a family holiday, providing fun in the water regardless of the weather. There are many amazing water parks in the world which makes choosing only 10 difficult. Most people know about Florida’s superb water parks like Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon so we’ve focused on water parks that […]

Cycling the Great Ocean Road of Australia

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is known to be one of the greatest touring roads in the world. Skirting the edge of the rugged Victorian coastline, meandering inland through verdant countryside and then touching the coast again, at every bend of the road there is another spectacular sight to see. The only thing that beats driving […]

Australian Adventure Traveling

Home to some of the world’s most fascinating cultures, stunning landscapes and unique landmarks, Australia is truly a one-of-a-kind place. For those looking for an adventurous vacation or trip, Australia is without a doubt the place to be. From expansive deserts to tropical forests to golden beaches, Australia has it all. Whether you seek hiking, […]

Kids and Koala Bears – Australian Family Outings

Why is it that fussy babies quiet down instantly when you bring them outside, and toddlers who have been begging for attention all day play for hours by themselves in the backyard? Entertaining the kids in the great outdoors is easy. All it takes is some outdoors equipment—a sandbox, maybe a slide or a swing […]

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