Plitvice Waterfalls, Croatia

Do Go Chasing Waterfalls – Great Walking Holidays Ideas

Ever since Daniel Day Lewis left a longing Madeline Stowe underneath one in The Last of the Mohicans I’ve had a thing about waterfalls. So this year, finally, I’m looking at walking holidays that take me to these vary places in search of a similar spot so I can re-enact that very scene. I’ll need […]

Machu Picchu

Three Magical Trains to Ride in South America

You don’t need to be a 5 year old to love trains. Although many are ashamed of it, we all know taking the train is fun. It certainly takes us backs to the days when we were young and foolish, backpacking our way through Europe. With some of the most spectacular landscapes you could ever […]

rental car

Inexpensive Travel Destinations for the Whole Family

Planning a family trip these days can come with a massive price tag for travel, lodgings, food, and entertainment.  And with the economy lingering in recession and many families tightening the belt, you simply might not have the budget for you annual trip to the Hawaiian Islands.  But you don’t need to spend thousands of […]

Mendoza, Argentina: My Adventure Fueled by Wine & Fantasy

Mendoza, Argentina is the wondrous capital city of the Mendoza Province of Argentina. Its claim to fame is its fantastic wine, organic olive oil, and its gorgeous and charming populace. My love affair with region started when I saw Jean-Jacques Annaud’s 7 Years in Tibet. This Brad Pitt machine was based on a book of […]

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