8 Wonderful Yet Cheap Date Activities in Seward, Alaska

While Alaska is usually known for its bigger cities like Anchorage and Fairbanks, the small port city of Seward is also known as the playground of Alaska. Situated in the southern part of Alaska, it’s also the head of Resurrection Bay and surrounded by snow-dusted mountain peaks. If you’re planning a date in Seward, you’ll […]

Kansas City by photoguyinmo on Flickr

Best Cities to Start a New Life

When searching for a new place to live, there are some cities that stand out from the rest. With the many variables involved in deciding where to start a new life, you should only be choosing from the best. With that said, here are six of the best cities to consider when deciding where to go […]

Antelope Canyon Three by haasztamas, on Flickr

Hit The Road: 4 Unique Trips to Explore

Road trips are a great way to bond with the family; cruising over the open road in your car or a rented RV. If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your next vacation, a road trip may be just what you’re looking for! No matter if you choose to stay in the country […]

What’s so Amazing about Alaskan Cruises?

When people think of taking a cruise, they most often think about traveling to a tropical destination, boarding a ship and stopping in warm ports of call. If this sounds like the cruise of a lifetime, you may want to reconsider? Taking an Alaskan cruise is just as amazing, and often more so. Here are […]

Caribbean Cruise

5 Popular Cruise Destinations for 2012

Cruising is the fastest developing market within the travel industry, with travelers looking to combine the comfort and relaxation of a hotel room with the placid sailing across the ocean. With a wide variety of cruise ships and destinations to choose from, a cruise can cater for each individual taste. Whether it be a themed […]

Zebras in Tanzania

Top World Adventures That Just Have to be Done

The world has a lot to offer us especially when we think about travelling. The question now is, what do we do when we’ve decided to spend that money on travelling? Do you do the same boring thing, or do you take an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life. Why […]

5 Unique Christmas Vacations

Most people enjoy waking up in their own home on Christmas morning or spending time with family. Some people, however, make use of the vacation time to take a trip. Just because you are traveling, though, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the Christmas spirit. Here are five unique destinations that will let […]

The North Pole – Does Santa Really Live There?

  There is no single definition of the “North Pole.” The geographic North Pole is marked by the northern end of the Earth’s axis of rotation and is covered by an Arctic ice sheet. The magnetic North Pole is located at the northern end of the Earth’s geomagnetic field. And unquestionably, any youngster will tell […]

Northern Lights

Alaska Vacation? Tips on Staying Safe

Opportunities for outdoor adventures are abundant on an Alaska vacation. Beyond the edge of every village, port and city is a new experience but you need to choose carefully among many of the tours and do-it-yourself attractions since some are more complex and dangerous than others. In choosing an adventure on your Alaska vacation your […]

Riding the Rails in Alaska

You don’t need a car to tour Alaska. Whether you’re traveling with your family, a partner, or solo, you can take a scenic tour on an Alaskan railroad. When you travel by train, you don’t even need to book a hotel room. You can book a sleeper car, where you can comfortably retire at night. […]

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