Surrogacy Tourism in India

Baby BoyNot being able to conceive or carry a child may be the most devastating thing a couple can go through. Surrogacy changes all of that. With surrogacy, couples who previously may have thought they would never have a baby now can, and India is a premier destination to do it.

The Confederation of Indian Industry estimates that by the end of 2012, surrogacy in India will be a 2.3 billion USD business and most of this revenue will be coming from intending parents from the West. Couples choose India for surrogacy for a number of reasons, including the level of professionalism along with the surrogacy cost in India being much lower than the prices quoted in First World countries where “hiring” a womb is legit.

Surrogacy in India for Same Gender Couples

Gestational surrogacy in India for gay couples is a great option. There are no pieces of legislation prohibiting surrogacy for homosexuals in India. With legality and cost still posing as deterrents in the West, gay couples can easily enter the process of renting a womb in India. An egg donor agency in India can also be arranged, usually costing much less than similar agencies in the US, the UK, Canada and other developed countries.

Benefits of Surrogacy in India

Reproductive tourism in India is a booming industry for a number of reasons. Some of them include:

  • Experience. India’s first surrogacy baby was born way back in 1994. Since that first baby, reproductive tourism in India has grown by leaps and bounds and the country now has some of the best fertility doctors in the world.
  • Absence of Barriers to Communication. One might have to face language barriers when in a foreign country. Not so in India! English is widely spoken in the country (in fact, India boasts of the second-highest English-speaking population in the world, only trailing the USA). With a large percentage of the population fluent in English, it makes it much easier to choose India for surrogacy rather than a country where communicating with the doctors would warrant the help of a language interpreter.
  • Excellent Medical Care. The staff members at the surrogacy clinics of repute in India are very attentive to and completely involved in the overall medical care of the surrogate and the baby. In many instances, the womb carriers live in surrogate hostels throughout the term of their pregnancy. Here they are given all of the necessary prenatal care and provided with ample nutrition to keep them and the unborn healthy.

The Philanthropic Angle

Surrogate mothers in India are happy to help bring a healthy, seraphic baby into the world for others. Intended patients should know that their decision to have a baby is also helping the surrogate. Many surrogates use the money they earn from carrying others’ babies to alleviate the financial stress of poverty. Women have testified to using the money to move to a better neighborhood or putting their own children through school. Think of it this way – a surrogate will be helping you further your family; in turn you will be aiding her empowerment!

Vacationing in India

While would-be parents witness their surrogacy journey, they can also have a true rest & rejuvenation experience in India. They have so much to do while in the Southwest Asian country  – from witnessing India’s mesmerizing architecture reminiscent of the opulence synonymous with the country during the days of yore, to savoring its natural treasures in the form of the lofty Himalayas in north, the azure hues of the great Indian Ocean in the south, the relentless desert expanse of the Great Thar Desert in the west and the bounties of the gargantuan rivers – the Ganges and the Brahmaputra – in the form of lush green fields and rolling hills in the east. While on a surrogacy trip to India, intended parents may like to do the following:

  • Take a quick jaunt to the majestic Taj Mahal in Agra, an epitome of love.
  • Spend some days in the quaint hill stations of Shimla, Mussoorie, and Ooty.
  • Visit the palaces and fortresses of Rajasthan.
  • Relax in the spa resorts that dot the towns of Haridwar and Rishikesh, situated by the banks of the Holy Ganges.
  • Stroll in the balmy breeze of the exotic beaches of Goa and Kerala.

Reproductive tourism in India is expected to find more takers from the West in the times to come given the lack of red tapism (as far as surrogacy legislations are concerned), the availability of healthy surrogate mothers and low costs.

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