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It does exist. You can find it in Costa Rica. Indulge yourself for a moment and consider an adventure vacation so fun-packed, but so relaxing, than when you finally go home you won’t need to take a vacation to rest up from your vacation. Do these. Dream about walking along a hanging bridge in a cloud forest. Contemplate a swim in blue waters at the base of a spectacular waterfall. Visualize a trek through a tropical rainforest. Imagine a comfortable boat tour where you can see close up a howler monkey, a three-toed sloth, and perhaps a Jesus lizard walking on water. Fancy yourself gliding along a zip line through the tropical rainforest canopy in full view of the Arenal volcano. Muse upon the biological miracle of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of enormous turtles dragging themselves to their sandy nesting sites, and thousands upon thousands of hatching baby sea turtles whose heads pop up through the sand. Finally, hear the surf, feel the sun, and the rolling waters under your surfboard as you head for the sand beach.

Costa Rica is an awesome destination for surfers and has become popular with both hardcore pro and beginning surfers. There are over fifty breaks along the coastline: some are surf breaks, and some are left and right breaks. Because of great weather factors, surfing is a year around activity. April through October has some of the best waves. Costa Rica’s beaches are less populated than the popular beaches in California and Hawaii. Accommodations are affordable and there are plenty of surf rental shops available. Some of the best beach locations are not easy to get to, but the difficulty in getting to them is made up in the quality of the surf. A popular way to get to Costa Rica’s beautiful white beaches is by a Land Rover Defender 4×4 truck.

Tamarindo is one of the most popular surfing locations. There are waves for the beginner, the intermediate and pro surfer. The waters by Tamarindo are warm and there are plenty of good instructors that will help the beginner through the first wave. There are also advanced classes for those who have some experience in surfing. Tamarindo has a variety of accommodations. You can select a beachfront hotel, a condominium, or a private rental house. There are many restaurants to choose from and a significant amount of nightlife with multicultural esprit. Two wildlife national parks are near Tamarindo. The best surf in Tamarindo is between December and April. However, these months are Costa Rica’s summer months and the crowds are greatest during these months, particularly over Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter. Lodging and rental prices are also higher during this time.

For women, a special surfing program exists in Costa Rica: the Surf Diva Costa Rica Adventure. Surf Diva is the original surf school for women. Surf Diva has a small instructor to student ratio, has taught thousands of women to surf, and enjoys the title of the worlds #1 surf school for women. And, they don’t reveal their secret surf location.

Jayden Rogers has managed to live and work in Central America by contributing as an online editor for the Costa Rica travel blog. Writing about Central American countries has become a passion for him.

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