Summer Holiday or Winter Holiday – Which One Wins?

The seasons and locations of where we choose to spend our holidays have as much variety as the people who go on these excursions. What sets the mood of a trip more than anything else? The weather. The weather and temperatures of the location is what makes all the difference! So which holiday wins – lazy days sipping beer along the shore, or sloshing through the slopes at a premier ski-resort?

Fun in the sun – summer holidays

Summer Vacations

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Without a doubt, going to the beach is the most common and most popular summer holiday. The great thing about beaches – aside from the warm, inviting weather – is that there are SO many of them Thousands upon thousands across the world. Beaches provide summer holiday enthusiasts the chance to swim, surf, snorkel, scuba-dive, boat, fish, para-sail, etc. And these are just the typical, stock activities found at almost any commercial beach. Private villas, secluded private beaches, tours through exotic and ancient landmarks are also popular activities that cater to a slower, laid-back attitude. Here are some of the reasons a beach holiday is one of the best and most popular ways to spend hard earned leisure time:

– An incredible variety of great beaches that can be found in almost every part of the world
– Warm weather
– The chance to get in and around the water! Scuba diving, swimming, jet skiing, among many other activities
– Relax! Another must during a summer holiday is taking the time to relax, whether by the beach or in the spa.

Chilling in a winter wonderland – winter holidays

Winter Holidays

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Winter holidays can be great, especially the unique nature and terrain that makes for the best winter locations. Ski-resorts are probably the most popular winter getaways, which makes perfect sense: they offer the best accommodations, as well as the chance to slosh up the ski-slopes. Cross country skiing is an option for a more relaxing and nature-oriented walk through the snow. Hiking trips can range from peaceful and serene, to intense, physical battles up some of the highest peaks! The winter holiday offers many perks that are great fun for those who can handle the colder weather, among them:

– A great variety of ski-resorts, offering many exciting activities for all-ages.
– A chance to explore more remote and secluded territories.
– Even if you get snowed in, a bottle of red wine by the fireplace is always a great night!

So when it comes down to it, when is the best time to holiday? The winner is the summer holiday. The main factor is the great weather, which in return gives a much greater variety of activities. Winter retreats do not offer the traveller enough variety by comparison. Summer destinations have a huge variety of activities to accommodate the adventurous, the water-lovers, the lazy sunbathers, the party crowd, the nature crowd, fishers, surfers, and everyone in-between. Summer weather makes for a holiday to please everyone – don’t forget your sunscreen!

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