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Oh em gee!! I’m so glad you’re thinking about travel – it’s one of the most important things in my life, and I feel like it can be that way for anyone with a passion to see the world….or even just your little corner of it! I’ve put together this blog as a way to showcase wonderful travel destinations, helpful articles with travel advice, and beautifully inspiring photography. Thanks for stopping by!

Here’s a little bit of what you will find here.

Travel Inspiration

Most of us need a bit of inspiration to do anything, and this blog is here to help you find what inspires you. Do you like fast-paced cities? Or do you prefer the quiet beachside town or mountain village? Do you enjoy camping in nature, or is a 5-star luxury vacation more your style?

Let’s face it – there are so many ways to enjoy this wonderful world of ours! Nothing is right or wrong, as long as you travel ethically and responsibly. So figure out what you like best and get out there.

Here are some great articles to get started when you’re not yet sure where you want to go:

Still not convinced? The take a jaunt over to my Travel Destinations page and just pick something that looks interesting. You’re sure to find something up your alley.

Travel Tips

For all of my travel advice posts, head to this page.

Travel Photography

I know many people like to bring home souvenirs when they travel. For me, I love photos that I can look back on and recall the special trips I have made to different places. I’m an amateur nature photographer too, so this is really important to me. I hope you may be interested in travel photography too.

I’m just starting to build up this section of the site, but there are already a few travel photography posts you can enjoy here.

Being a Digital Nomad

I have a new thing for 2022 and that’s how I want to share with you my experience of working for myself, being a travel blogger, and not being tied down by work to any specific location. If you want to travel more, becoming a digital nomad may be for you! Or perhaps you’re just tired of the grind and work, and are looking for more freedom for your time. I have worked for myself, without a backup job, since 2004. (And I did it as a side hustle for several years before that.) So I definitely have personal experience to share with you, if you want to do the same!

Here are some of my first articles in this subject:

Thank you again for visiting Travel Guideline!