Wacky Cruises – A Star Trek Cruise

I’ve heard of themed cruises before, but this specific themed cruise has got to be the wackiest one I have seen so far in my short, yet relatively peculiar life.  Get this… every year a one week cruise holiday is planned to an exotic destination around the world.  The destination changes yearly and the passengers are free to spend a whole week dressed up as Spock, James Kirk or Deanna Troi – in fact if you dress in “normal” clothes you will feel out of place.  Yes, it’s a Star Trek cruise and it really is out of this world!

Star Trek Cruise

The 2012 Star Trek Cruise

If you like all things Star Trek, you may be interested to know that the next “official” Star Trek cruise is in January 2012 and there are still spaces left.  Leaving and returning to Fort Lauderdale in Florida the stops on the cruise include:

  • Georgetown – Grand Cayman
  • Cozumel – Mexico
  • Roatan – Honduras
  • Puerta Costa Maya – Mexico

The cruise is being held on the stunning ‘Celebrity Solstice’ and prices are more than affordable ranging from between $1500 to $3000 per person for the week’s trip.  The rates for children are even cheaper.

Celebrity Trekkies

One of the main reasons that many Star Trek fans choose to go on a Star Trek cruise is to spend a week at sea with their idols.  These cruises aren’t just loved by the fans of the shows but also enjoyed by the actors and actresses who starred in the films and TV programmes.  A number of different stars have spent a week on these cruises including Gary Graham, Chase Masterson and Rod Roddenbury; and currently the celeb lined up for the 2012 cruise is Denise Crosby who played Lt. Tasha Yar.  Fancy getting an autograph?  You can even have dinner with her at your table!

Star Trek Cruise

Star Trek Entertainment

Aside from the beautiful shore stops and of course the celebrity trekkies, a Star Trek cruise wouldn’t be complete without lashings of entertainment – trekker style!  Seriously, this is like a weeklong convention with all food, drink and activities included in the price.  The entertainment options include:

  • Star Trek games
  • Star Trek movies
  • Star Trek themed parties
  • Photo sessions with the Star Trek celebs
  • Question and answer sessions with the Star Trek celebs

On top of what I have mentioned above, you can also enjoy all the entertainment facilities that you would get on a “normal” cruise including swimming pools, spas, recreation facilities, a library, shops, restaurants and more.

Many people also seem to make lifelong friendships after meeting fellow Star Trek fans on the Star Trek themed cruise holidays.  People from all over the world take part in these events and one cruise is usually all it takes to encourage them to do the same year after year.  I’m not really a fan of the show however these cruises do look like a lot of fun!  If I ever got the opportunity to experience it for myself, you can be sure that I would say yes in an instant!


If you like the idea of a themed cruise holiday, there are lots to choose from!  Visit Major Cruise to compare the prices on themed Mediterranean cruises, Alaskan cruises, Caribbean cruises and more!  Live long and prosper!


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