Springtime in the Swiss Alps

Once the buzz of the ski season has died down and the snows have all receded, you might think that the lure of the Swiss Alps may lessen some, well, you’d be wrong.  Sitting at the foot of the Swiss Alps, Zurich makes the perfect base for your alpine adventures.  Here you can enjoy the varied and wide ranging list of activities on offer across the Swiss Alps, or make the trip into Lichtenstein to experience the culture within one of the world’s few remaining principalities.

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

Whether you’re a hardened hill walker or simply fancy a lazy walk through the mountain meadows, the central Alps are the place for you.  An hour and half from the shores of Lake Zurich, you’ll find the picturesque resort of Grindewald and The Faulhornweg – one of the Swiss Alps most rewarding day hikes.  The trip spans nine miles in total, at the end of which you’ll find yourself enjoying the pristine vistas of Interlaken in the shadow of the Eiger, flanked at times by beautiful glaciers.  If that all seems a little too physically exerting, you could always take a stroll among the trees and lawns of the arboretum on the western banks of Lake Zurich

Biking in Switzerland

Cycling in Switzerland

Switzerland is an incredible destination for any budding cyclist. The Mobility Network trails that crisscross this country helping walkers, cyclists, canoeists and inline skaters navigate make the terrain smoothly make it a cycling paradise.  Whether it’s a day trip you have in mind, or you want to tour the country, the sign posts and well-kept surfaces couldn’t make it any easier and accommodation is widely available on most routes if you do decide to do some touring.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting the Rhine in Switzerland

Rafting in the Alps may not sound as grand as rafting down the Zambezi or the Grand Canyon, or indeed tackling the fierce rivers of South America, but that also means the cost isn’t on such grand scale – the experience however, is something that will last a lifetime.  Get picked up from your accommodation in Zurich and head off up the San Moritz valley before embarking on an expedition down some of the best white water in the Alps, sliding through narrow gorges and down steep drops, all safe in the knowledge that your guides do this every day allowing you to simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Or if all of that seems far too much like hard work why not just float about the city of Zurich; enjoy the shops, relax in the cafes and bars or take a nice gentle cruise down the lake.  Whatever you choose you’re sure to have a great time spending your spring break in the shadow Europe’s greatest mountain range.



  1. This is such a lovely place for a great adventurous vacation. I love river rafting. Thanks for the info mate.

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