Spoil Yourself This Summer in Europe’s Luxury Hotspots

When researching truly luxurious destinations, one word keeps popping up: Europe. This vast collection of nations features a wide array of cultures, cuisines and thousands upon thousands of miles of coastline to watch the summer sunset from. Countless celebrities, millionaires, magnates and members of royalty enjoy frequenting these places and it’s about time for you to get in on all the fun. Below are some of the top picks for extravagant summer escapes, making the most of what Europe has to offer its luxury-loving guests.

You can’t go wrong with Spain on a summer holiday. From the spectacular weather, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine and world-renown shopping districts, there are a many Spanish hotspots to suit your travel desires. If you like to party the night away in style, head across to the archipelago islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. Sun worshippers and history buffs will also enjoy it here, as there are top-rated beaches along with antiquated cathedrals, castles and exclusive bathhouses.San Sebastian’s La Concha beach is a favorite spot among avid swimmers, surfers and boating enthusiasts, while luxury travelers with a taste for art and architecture will enjoy the seaside port of Barcelona. Several hotels in this capital city provide all the lush comforts one could ask for while retaining their old-world romanticism and character.France

St. Tropez not only oozes with luxury but also authentic Mediterranean charm. A key place for the world’s elite to strut their respective stuff alongside a whole congregation of lively, tanned and flamboyant visitors, St. Tropez is located in the south of France and boasts one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe. Opulent yachts bob on the water in the marinas, hosting lavish nighttime deck parties, on one side. On the other side rests cobblestone streets, romantic alleyways and softly lit lanterns illuminating colorful old houses.If relaxation is more your thing, check out Provence for secluded retreats at either luxury resorts or lush villas. After a day of mountain hiking or rafting, return to a sense of peace in one the many sumptuous spas and breathe in the scent of locally-grown wild lavender.Italy

It’s often said that Tuscany is the stuff dreams are made of, and many travelers couldn’t agree more. If you have a passion for food and some cash to burn, rent a private villa complete with hands-on classes at La Bottega del 30, where the long-standing family of restaurateurs will teach the art of Tuscan cooking and guests get to dine alfresco overlooking the picturesque countryside.A-listers are also flocking to Lago di Como, just a half hour away from fashionable Milan, for an idyllic escape from the hectic pressures and pace of modern living. Known for its five-star luxury resorts and equally stellar sophistication, this is a great place to enjoy some well-needed waterfront pampering. If you’d rather see and been on your vacation venture to Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast), a private harbor where high-end visitors are made to feel special while they do some celeb-spotting.There are so many lavish European cities to visit and while this highlights some of the most popular luxury destinations this summer it certainly doesn’t cover them all. Be sure to email the Chamber of Commerce or Tourist Information Bureau of your desired destination and find out more about your next indulgent summer holiday.

Molly Henshaw is a freelance travel writer based out of the DC metro area. She is also a contributing author for the luxury destination experts at The Ritz Carlton Club. New and unique luxury experiences are available to you on their website.


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