How to Speed Through Airport Security

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After many last minute sprints through airports across the country, I have learned my fair share of lessons when it comes to properly preparing to travel. When I travel, I like to speed through airport security, but learning how to do just that has taken me some time and trial and error. On a recent trip, I was determined to whiz through security without any problems or hold-ups. I was already nervous about my interview with a top Boston law school and the last thing I needed was to get held up by airport security!

One of the best tips I have learned is to dress appropriately for the trip. I used to get dressed up for trips, but soon realized how unhelpful and uncomfortable that was. Now, I always wear flip flops, stretchy yoga pants and a thin cotton shirt. While this ensemble might not suit everyone, the point is to wear comfortable clothes. The goal is to wear shoes that are easily removable, and clothing items that do not contain any metal or material that could set the metal detector off. I also will tie my sweatshirt around my waist to make it easier when it comes time to take it off for security.

Another great tip is put all your carry-on liquids in a big Ziploc bag. That way, when you get to security, you can easily put your acceptable liquids through the security scanner without having to fumble around trying to find your different liquids. After you pass security, you can easily slip your bag of liquids into your carry-on bag, purse or backpack. This one practice has saved me so much time at the airport, and a lot of headache and hassle.

Additionally, it is important to have your boarding pass and your ID card in hand when you approach security. I often see people fumbling around their purses and pockets looking for their ID card or their travel documents, and I get frustrated at them for holding up the line. Having these items on hand will not only cut down on the time you spend in the line waiting for security, you’ll also make the travelers and workers around you much happier.

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