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Beast's Castle, Fantasyland, Walt Disney World

Disney World – Magic in The New Fantasyland

Last weekend we got the coolest opportunity to visit the new section of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World in Orlando. So far, whenever we’ve gone, it’s been open to other groups – Disney Vacation Club members, Annual Passholders who signed up in advance, etc. But my husband, who every now […]

Haunted House

Road Tripping for Haunted House Halloween Thrills

Haunted houses are a multibillion dollar industry, but not all of them are created equally. The vast majority of the haunted houses that pop up each year are done on a limited budget in a transitory location. Although some of these houses still manage to produce top-notch scares, the best haunts are in permanent locations […]

The Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios in Orlando

How to Enjoy Holidays To Orlando

The first thing that obviously comes to mind when you hear the name Orlando is the famous Walt Disney World® Resort, the beautiful sandy beaches and the wonderful climate. Holidays to Orlando 2012 are likely to be the most popular holidays that people take to Florida this year. If you are visiting Orlando for the […]

Roller Coaster entering Cave at Suoi Tien Theme Park in Vietnam

Offbeat Theme Parks of the World

Looking for an interesting place to relax and unwind? If these parks are your thing and yet are tired of their seemingly generic charade of sights and activities, you might want to take a look at these weirdly fascinating theme parks gathered by BBC Travel. Crocosaurus Cove (Darwin, Australia) Going to Australia with the long […]

Disneyland Hong Kong

5 Things to Do in Hong Kong Disneyland

Theme parks are a haven for kids and even for the kids at heart. Amidst the long cues and swarms of people, the variety of thrilling rides and exciting activities would be something that makes it all worth it. Disneyland in Hong Kong is no exception. If you would want to experience the best that […]

Historical Thrills at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

The words “Pleasure Beach” typically bring to mind the famous amusement park on Blackpool’s seafront, which opened in 1896 and remains one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations. However, there is another historic attraction of the same name that is equally worthy of a visit. Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach remains the Suffolk, England resort’s […]

Hotel Citta Del Mare

Six of the The Craziest Waterslides in the World

Admit it, you love waterslides… However clichéd and cheesy a visit to water-park might be on holiday, the sheer exhilaration of plunging down a vertical flume at breakneck speed is something we all secretly look forward to on a sun holiday to our favourite overseas resort. Indeed a world made of gallons of gushing water […]

Blackhole at Wet n Wild, Australia

Water Parks Around the World – A Look at 10 of the Best

Water parks form the bedrock of many a family holiday, providing fun in the water regardless of the weather. There are many amazing water parks in the world which makes choosing only 10 difficult. Most people know about Florida’s superb water parks like Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon so we’ve focused on water parks that […]

Buckle Up For These 7 Great Tips to Enjoy Your 1 Day Stay in Theme Parks

  Do you know why most people don’t enjoy their theme park visits? It’s not because the rides and sites are boring. It’s because, they lack preparation. That’s right! Without careful planning, you won’t be able to enjoy your stay in theme parks. Allow me to tell you some of the sure fire tips on […]

Making the Most of Your Time at Theme Parks

Theme parks or amusement parks are great activities for the whole family to enjoy. While they are certainly nothing to stress too much about, approaching theme parks in the right way can help maximize your enjoyment of them. The following are some suggestions on how to make the most out of your time at theme […]

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