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Skiing in Sibera

Choosing the Best Ski Resort on a Skiing Adventure in Siberia

Skiing Adventures in Siberia Sounds different? Yes, it sounds exciting!  Imagine having all that space to ski with no queues for the ski lift or queues for anything really! Just vast space to do all the ski tricks and moves that you were taught by your last instructor. Or maybe you want to have a […]

Climbing in Bolivia

3 Climbing Circuits in Bolivia: the Experience of Your Lifetime

Visiting Bolivia is a life changing experience. The blending of ancient cultures with modernity, the immersion in a past that is still mysterious and fascinating, the thrill of being in a place of rich architecture, culture and history, with beautiful landscapes, majestic scenery and an immense diversity in ethnicity, music, dance, food and traditions, all […]


4 Fun Activities to Do in the Mountains This Fall

Fall means cooler weather and beautiful scenery in the mountains. It is a great time of year to get outside and get back to nature. Here are four fun activities for you and your family to do in the mountains this autumn. Hiking Fall days, with their clear skies and low humidity, are usually perfect […]

Commonwealth Glory in Glasgow

The Commonwealth Games take place every four years and is considered one of the top three international sporting events in the world.  Glasgow originally decided to make a bid to host the Commonwealth games back in 2002 and, after five years of presentations and assessments, officially won the bid back in November 2007. Now the […]

have a goal, photo by Shane Initials on Flickr

Top Ways To Turn A Holiday Into An Adventure

We all go on holidays for different reasons, and while some might highly value the chance to see another culture and explore an exotic locale, for others the excitement is all about getting to lie around the pool and relax. Perhaps the most memorable trips though are the ones that aren’t just holidays, but actually manage to […]

skiing by nonanet on Flickr

Slope off to a Romantic Chalet Skiing Holiday

For many people, spectacular scenery and peppermint fresh air are the ideal ingredients for romance in the mountains and lounging around in the sun on a beach holiday just doesn’t cut it. Enjoying a ski break with a loved one is a great way to spend quality time together; snuggling in the snow, sharing a […]

river rafting in Ladakh by Mahatma4711 on Flickr

Adventure Sports in Ladakh, India

Rugged terrain, ethereal landscape and serene peace are the highlights of Ladakh. This place, considered a pivotal seat of Buddhism is a paradise for wildlife enthusiast and adventure seekers. What makes Ladakh even more appealing is its remoteness and untouched flora and fauna that helps this place retain its virgin charm even in this over […]

boats on Flickr on a.froese

Boating and Camping

If you are one of those adventure lovers who have managed to experience the perfect camping in the wilderness, then you must be aware of the multiple advantages of carrying an inflatable boat on your escapades. These compact air filled boats are an essential part of any camping or outdoor activity. Designed with multi-layered polyvinyl […]

Top 3 Holidays on Horseback

Keen equestrians or those looking to rekindle their love of horse riding might be surprised to hear that there are lots of fantastic holidays out there – in the UK and further afield – designed just for them. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, here are a few ideas of horseback holidays that should […]


Boating – The Ultimate Weekend Adventure

Try to imagine the following: You’re laying out in the sunshine on a white deck, rocking gently in the waves. You have a drink in one hand, a fishing pole in the other, and the only thing on your mind is how good you’re going to feel after you cook up a delicious fish dinner. […]

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