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Choosing the Perfect Place to Pop the Question

You’ve picked out the ring and thought about how to pop the question. Now all that’s left to do is decide on where you’re going to ask your partner if they’ll marry you. You’ll more than likely have a specific location in mind, or at least a strong idea about where to get down on […]

Africa by kincuri on Flickr

A Honeymoon to Remember in Africa

It feels as though I’m going through one of those phases where so many people I know are getting married. It also seems that more and more couples are looking for different destinations to visit for their honeymoon. These days, people tend to want the best accommodations along with good restaurants, great shopping, relaxing spas […]

Lake Vyrnwy Hotel by mikemcsharry on Flickr

Perfect Gateway Venues For Couples

It’s not always easy to be a couple – especially if you’ve been part of a couple for a long time. Many couples completely forget that love takes time and energy. It isn’t something that can be faked or fulfilled with half measures, it’s got to be nurtured. It doesn’t matter whether you’re twenty four […]

Verona, Italy by Kevin Poh on Flickr

Romantic Proposal Destinations Where She’s Sure to Say ‘Yes’

There is something about the Royal family of England that captures everyone’s interest and keeps them hooked onto any major development in the family. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton grabbed eyeballs from all over the world. This huge interest in this union could have resulted from the fact that it really was […]

Campania, Italy

Top 3 Most Exotic Destinations to Visit on Your 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

No one needs to tell a married couple how important their tenth wedding anniversary is. They’ve weathered their first home, children, jobs, illnesses and each other. Most importantly, they did all this together. They know more than everything about each other. Now it’s time to celebrate all that and more. Here are three exotic destinations […]

Pop the Question

6 of the Most Romantic Places to Pop the Question

Proposing marriage is one of the most romantic occasions between two people. Regardless of age or ancestry, the location of this event is usually remembered on a lifelong basis. The emotional aspects of asking someone to be a life partner are monumental. Thus, the event can hold even more sentimentality when it occurs in an […]

Plan a Destination Wedding in Miami

How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Miami

Congratulations. You’re having a wedding in one of the most exciting cities in the United States. Now that you’ve decided where to hold your wedding, you can rest easy…for a day. Yes, there’s still a whole lot to do when it comes to planning a destination wedding in Miami. This article will help you be […]

British Manor House

Getting Married in a British Manor House

Weddings are special. For most people their wedding is the most important day of their life and it is a day they want to be really special and romantic. Therefore, most people look for somewhere special to get married. An English mansion house ticks all of the boxes. These houses are large, they have plenty […]

Amalfi, Italy

Four Beautiful Italian Wedding Destinations

If heading south of Italy for your wedding, the coastal area between Napoli and Salerno offers a spoiled choice of breath taking and romantic locations. Many are the islands with crystal blue water, beautiful beaches and small colourful fairy tale towns. Among the many unforgettable landscapes, four are those I treasure from childhood summer memories […]

Quick Cash to Pay for Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become quite popular in recent years. Many couples are looking to travel somewhere exotic for their wedding instead of staying local. A lavish wedding destination can double as a fabulous honeymoon location to escape to as well. Tropical beaches and Las Vegas are some of the most common destinations, but there are […]

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