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Cruises are a fun and often all-inclusive option for getting away from it all. On board a cruise ship you have grand feasts; activities such as swimming, movies, and fitness; and entertainment in the form of dancing, night clubs, and popular shows and performers. Cruises offer you a chance to visit multiple destinations with each port of call on your itinerary, and additional trips are often prearranged by the cruise line for trips at each location.

Popular cruise destinations including the Caribbean, the Mediterranean sea, Alaska, and the Panama canal.

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Cruise ship fine dining

Fine Dining at Sea – My Top Picks

There can be no greater pleasure in life than enjoying a fine meal in a fabulous restaurant. When you combine this with a fantastic cruise you create a dining experience that is truly unforgettable. In recent years some of the world’s finest chefs have teamed up with some cruise lines to develop exciting menus and […]

5 Exciting Cruise Destinations for 2013

Cruising has caught on, and in 2013 the cruise lines will be crisscrossing the world’s oceans visiting all seven continents and delivering amazing experiences to all of the passengers that choose to see the world from a ship. Gone are the days when cruises were associated with retirees who just wanted to visit the Caribbean; […]

Top Cruise Destinations, Photo by Stephen and Katherine on Flickr

Top Cruise Destinations of the World

Having a vacation on a cruise is a wonderful experience. You can go to number of beautiful locations on a cruise. The prominent places worth visiting are Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Caribbean Island, the Mediterranean and many others. If you like to travel by water then planning your vacation on a cruise could be […]

Caribbean Cruise and Stay Holiday

Top 5 Places For A Caribbean Cruise And Stay Holiday

The Caribbean is the most popular destination for cruises, with more passengers opting to enjoy a voyage in this region than anywhere else in the world. So how do you make it even better? By making your holiday last even longer as part of a Caribbean cruise and stay package, with a hotel booking either […]

Crystal Cruises Serenity Ship

Top 5 Exotic Cruises For Couples

If an exotic cruise with your significant other is your idea of a dream vacation, there are plenty of options from which to choose. A cruise is a great vacation: you don’t have to plan anything, all of your food and drink is provided for you, shopping excursions are frequent, and all the entertainment you […]

Mediterranean Cruises

Cruising the Mediterranean

In the wake of the Costa Concordia and Costa Allegra disasters would you go on a cruise liner at the minute? I would honestly say yes to that question. Not only are the prices now being slashed due to these incidents but the safety records on cruise ships are still impeccable. Now let’s have a […]

Used under creative commons license, photo by carrie-ann-nelson on Flickr

Honeymoon on a Luxury Liner

When planning every wedding there’s always so much stress involved and such a huge build-up to the big day, however the actual wedding day is all over in a flash. But what’s great if there’s always the honeymoon to look forward to when you can finally spend some alone time with your partner. So when […]

Cruise Ship at Night

The Eastern and Southern Caribbean: Planning the Perfect Cruise

Escape the falling snow. Avoid the plummeting temperatures. Dust off your two-piece bathing suit. It is time to book a last minute cruise with Virgin Holidays Cruises. Spanning nearly 2000 miles, the Caribbean is believed to encompass more than 7,000 islands, cays and inlets. However, the major cruise lines only dock at a small fraction […]

What’s so Amazing about Alaskan Cruises?

When people think of taking a cruise, they most often think about traveling to a tropical destination, boarding a ship and stopping in warm ports of call. If this sounds like the cruise of a lifetime, you may want to reconsider? Taking an Alaskan cruise is just as amazing, and often more so. Here are […]

Caribbean Cruise

5 Popular Cruise Destinations for 2012

Cruising is the fastest developing market within the travel industry, with travelers looking to combine the comfort and relaxation of a hotel room with the placid sailing across the ocean. With a wide variety of cruise ships and destinations to choose from, a cruise can cater for each individual taste. Whether it be a themed […]

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