Cruises and Cruise Ships

Cruises are a fun and often all-inclusive option for getting away from it all. On board a cruise ship you have grand feasts; activities such as swimming, movies, and fitness; and entertainment in the form of dancing, night clubs, and popular shows and performers. Cruises offer you a chance to visit multiple destinations with each port of call on your itinerary, and additional trips are often prearranged by the cruise line for trips at each location.

Popular cruise destinations including the Caribbean, the Mediterranean sea, Alaska, and the Panama canal.

Recent Blog Posts about Cruises

6 Ways to Enjoy Your Cruise without Drinking

According to a survey conducted by, nearly one-fourth of all passengers said they spent more than $200 on drinks per cruise. Alcohol is big business for cruise lines with some offering all-you-can-drink packages that cost around $42 a day. Save money on your next cruise by going alcohol-free. It will save you big bucks […]

Cruise ship in Chile by Jorge in Brazil on Flickr

Cruise Destinations in Chile

To get there you have to go to the end of the earth, but it’s worth it. The exciting country of Chile has incredible cruise destinations that are sure to satisfy your taste for adventure, wonder, delicious food and great wine. You will find everything here – beautiful beaches, towering mountains, glaciers, volcanoes and fjords. […]

Disney Cruise Ship - Disney Magic

Should You Choose a Disney Cruise over Disney World?

There are not many things which are more American than Disney World. It is that one vacation that all Americans dream of taking. No everyone can afford to go. The more children you have, the harder it is to make it. Finding the right ages for your children to enjoy it, and to find time […]

cruise safety by Jorge Quinteros on Flickr

Checklist for Cruise Safety

As a few recent high profile incidents have indicated that not every cruise operates as intended. Even if the ship does not run aground or suffer an onboard fire, passengers and workers can still suffer injuries in a variety of mundane ways. Preparing for the possibility of suffering an injury at sea and taking preventative […]

Santorini, Greece

4 Must-Do Activities While on a Mediterranean Cruise

A lot of people are under wrong impression that Mediterranean cruises are not that popular. In fact this might come across as a pleasant surprise to a lot of people that it is indeed quite popular and in demand. For all the cruisers in the UK, Mediterranean cruises are quite accessible and one of the […]


Top 4 Cruises to Take With the Family in 2013

Cruises are incredibly exciting because you essentially get to take all kinds of vacations at once. There are shops on board and shows, pools, games, sometimes entire amusement park rides, such as water slides and roller coasters. That’s what makes them so great for the entire family, so consider one of these cruise destinations the […]

Carnival Cruise Lines

What You Need to Know Before (and After) a Cruise Vacation

Planning a vacation aboard a cruise ship is a lifelong dream for many people. The luxury and comfort of a cruise ship, combined with visiting exotic locales, makes this a perfect vacation. Many people use cruise vacations as way to celebrate certain parts of their lives, such as anniversaries or honeymoons. However, in light of […]

Aya Sofya, Istanbul, Turkey

5 European Cruise Destinations You Should NOT Miss Out On

If you want to make the most of your next cruise, make no mistake – the service provider you choose can make or break your experience. As you’ll be spending the majority of your time on deck, availing yourself of the on-board facilities, travelling by sea is truly one of those ‘It’s not about the […]


5 Best Caribbean Cruises

Have you ever wanted to experience the vibrant and laidback environment of a beautiful Caribbean island?  Dreamt about relaxing in the sun whilst enjoying the views of the beach and calm waters? By heading out on a Caribbean cruise, you can do just that and more. A journey to the Caribbean is perfect for those […]

Hidden Costs of Cruising

The Hidden Costs of Cruising

This is a common problem when it comes to cruising; I hear huge amounts of complaints. People think that when they have booked their cruise then that’s all they have to pay for, but that’s not the case. As cheap as cruising has become in the recent years there are still some “hidden charges” that you […]

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