Backpacking and Camping

Backpacking and camping offer two unique ways to enjoy the great outdoors while traveling. Backpacking may be a single day hike or a longer trip where you often carry your belongings in a backpack and move from place to place. It can also include treks into wilderness areas such as deserts or mountain ranges.

Camping is a fun group or solo activity that is often a destination instead of the full trip. Instead of sleeping in a hotel room or even a youth hostel, campers bring their lodgings with them by packing a tent, driving an RV or caravan, or towing a camper to the site of their choice. Popular activities while camping involve exploring the outdoors, including short hikes, bird watching, exploring rivers or waterfalls.

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hiking trails canton OH

Our Favorite Hiking Trails in Canton, OH

It’s not often that our family goes on a road trip to hike. However, We had to make our way to Canton to try out the trails when a friend mentioned just a few of them they enjoyed. Last summer we decided to try out not only the trails they mentioned but a few others […]


The Benefits of Backpack Traveling

Traveling offers you exposure to different communities and cultures around the world. Many travelers opt to maximize their travels by planning many stops throughout the country or continent they are visiting to maximize their exposure. The longer you will be traveling, the more cumbersome your luggage can become. This is why many travelers opt to […]

boats on Flickr on a.froese

Boating and Camping

If you are one of those adventure lovers who have managed to experience the perfect camping in the wilderness, then you must be aware of the multiple advantages of carrying an inflatable boat on your escapades. These compact air filled boats are an essential part of any camping or outdoor activity. Designed with multi-layered polyvinyl […]


Going Camping? 5 Essentials to Pack for Your Family

Going on a camping trip with your family can create life-long memories for your children, instill an appreciation for nature, and allow everyone to enjoy some quiet time in nature for the weekend. When it comes to camping with a family, there are some essentials items to remember to make the experience a positive one […]

backpacking Europe

The Europe Backpacking Guide for Careful Travelers

To backpack through Europe risk-free is to not abandon common sense and store away safety tips. While preparing for your trip and embarking on your adventure, keep in mind the following precautions: Itinerary Attempt to have a destination goal every day and plan for overnight accommodations four days in advance at least. Carry a map […]

Glamping Under the Stars

Glamping under the Stars: Cozy Camping Pods

If your idea of the perfect holiday includes sipping champagne on your own private deck and waking up in a king-size bed, then camping is probably not top of your list of vacation ideas.  Many of us still hold traumatic childhood memories of camping, and clearly remember the lumpy, bug-filled sleeping bags and forced sing-alongs.  […]

Family Hiking Adventure

The 5 Best Family-Friendly Hikes in North America

Finding hiking trails suitable for the entire family may pose a challenge depending on location. Consider the many national parks located around the country. These areas typically contain a large variety of trails that vary in length, physical demand and terrain. Before setting out on the journey, take inventory of all the necessary gear. Plan […]

Dinner while camping in a national park

USA National Parks for RVers

The vast continent of North America is famous for its stunning selection of road trips. But not too far off the roads are some stunning conservation areas and fascinating historical sites. National Parks allow you affordable access to the best of the great American outdoors, while travelling in a recreational vehicle will allow you to […]

Windproof matches for camping

Camping Survival Tips: Don’t Be Caught Without These Items

Nobody wants to think of survival situations when they want only to enjoy a weekend in the woods, or a week or so in the mountains or desert. However, survival skills are something that one hones in the hope that they will never be called upon to put such skills to use. Of course, when […]

Hiking in Colorado

Enjoy A Winter Hiking Trip In Colorado

Winter hiking can be just as beautiful as other season hiking. In fact, there are cases where winter hiking is actually more beautiful than hiking during other seasons, especially after a recent snowfall, the frost on the trees is astonishingly beautiful. Here are some of the best places to go winter hiking in Colorado: Byers […]

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