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4 Cities in the Southeast You Have to Visit

So it’s time to plan for the next family vacation — where do you want to go? There’s always the classics — DisneySomething, the Big Apple, or one of our nation’s many amazing national parks. But that’s overlooking some phenomenal vacation opportunities in the American Southeast. Why would you want to come to the Southeast to vacation? Glad you asked: Here are four great cities that will answer your question.

Myrtle Beach Is One of the Grandest Cities on Earth

It’s hard to overstate what ‘Grand’ can really mean here in the South. Myrtle Beach — the jewel of the Grand Strand, a set of barrier islands that are dotted with resorts, casinos, and other fun — exemplifies the term nicely. A vast sense of fun slathered with a thick layer of Southern hospitality along with a perfect blend of yesteryear and cutting-edge attractions are what await you here.

Places to See:

  • Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf provides hours of mini-golf entertainment on a scale so epic that calling it ‘mini’ is a huge disservice.
  • Hopsewee Plantation will give your family a glimpse into the life of a lowland rice plantation from two centuries ago.
  • NASCAR Racing Experience will give you the chance to get behind the wheel of a real NASCAR and feel the power for yourself!

Chattanooga Is Good For So Much More Than Choo-choos


We’ve all heard the song, but if you think that Chattanooga is only good for the trains, you’ve got another thing coming. The fourth-largest city in Tennessee also happens to be one of the best places you can take your kids for a brain-developing vacation!

Places to See:

  • The Creative Discovery Museum is among the most celebrated children’s museums in the nation, and is known for it’s unique ability to inspire learning through active play.
  • Ruby Falls is a massive 145-foot waterfall deep within Lookout Mountain, featuring geologic formations and an elevator so you don’t have to climb to see the falls from both sides.
  • The Tennessee Valley Railroad offers a genuine 1800s-era vintage railway experience, like a rolling time machine from March to November.

Atlanta: Magnolia Blossoms Are Long Since Gone With the Wind


Atlanta has long had a reputation as being a fairly low-key town without an incredible amount to celebrate–a reputation that has slowly been unraveled by the city’s Board of Tourism. Today’s Atlanta is a happening, fun place to be that’s still just underneath everyone’s radar, which makes it a great place to vacation if you want to avoid the throngs — and a great place to live, as well!

Places to See:

  • The World of Coca-Cola: “One part fascinating museum and one part branding coup”, Away.com said of this unique venue. Jere you can taste Cokes from across the world and time as well as getting a glimpse into how the infamous drink is made.
  • Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament will give your family a taste of the roaring ’40s… the 1540s! Eat like a nobleman (with your fingers) and watch armored men duke it out for your entertainment in the arena below.
  • The Atlanta Botanical Garden is an unexpected breath of fresh air in the middle of downtown, featuring more than 30 acres of exotic greenery and beauty.

New Orleans — No Mention of Vacations in the Southeast Should Go Without It

New Orleans

Even if Mardi Gras is still 359 days away, it’s always a great time to vacation in New Orleans. Tourism is the life-blood of this exotic and quirky town filled with voodoo priests and burned crocodile on a stick. Bourbon Street alone is worth at least three days’ vacation — and that’s before you get to the huge list of attractions!

Place to See:

  • Jazz in the Park runs from September 5th to October 31st–nine straight weeks of glorious, free music in one of the most beautiful parts of a beautiful city: Armstrong Park.
  • Voodoo Authentica is one of the most comprehensive museums of voodoo spirituality and heritage in the world; the ability to purchase spiritual readings and actual voodoo potions there is merely a bonus.
  • The Original New Orleans Movie Tour will give you the chance to munch endless popcorn and learn about the dozens of movies–from classics like A Streetcar Named Desire to modern hits like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button–that have been filmed in New Orleans.

Of course, this is just barely scratching the surface for any of these destinations. When all is said and done, the vacationing potential of the American Southeast is almost endless. Schedule your next vacation here today!

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