Some Useful Tips for USA Adventure Tours

Whether you wish to ski the Rockies, walk the Grand Canyon or ride horses on a Texan ranch there are many different experiences to be had in the USA and with 50 states to explore there is a little piece of adventure for everyone.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

For those who are looking for the ultimate adventure then adventure tours to the Grand Canyon are a must. In the Grand Canyon you can trek up and down the magnificent natural canyon and see the amazing wildlife that makes its home in this inhospitable place. In the summer the temperatures are high and in the winter extremely low with snow covering the majority of the Canyon. Whilst visiting the Grand Canyon you can go white water rafting, back country camping and trekking along with visiting the local tribal lands of the Navajo Indians. There are also many places surrounding the Grand Canyon that can make for good days out. When having this amazing overseas adventure travel can usually be arranged locally and the Grand Canyon National Park has a good bus service operating throughout and to the local cities. The two main areas of the Grand Canyon are close to Flagstaff and Las Vegas, both of which have a vibrant nightlife.

The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains

If you are travelling during the winter months then the Rocky Mountains have some of the best skiing and snowboarding available. The Rockies are home to some of North America’s best glaciers, lakes and mountains. In the summer months it is a great place to experience the outdoors. Yellowstone National Park has many opportunities for the adventurous to go trail riding, hiking, backcountry camping, mountain biking and white water rafting. For the less adventurous kayaking along some of the rivers can offer an excellent relaxing way of seeing the wildlife, although don’t get too close to the bears. In the Rocky Mountains there will also be many chances to see traditional Rodeos and real life cowboys at work. The Rockies are the perfect place for adventure holidays and many companies offer great excursions in the area.

A Ranch in Texas

Texan Ranches

There are many different ranches in Texas ranging from the normal working ranch to the tourist dude ranches. On a working ranch you will be expected to muck in and help with the staff, whereas on a dude ranch the majority of the work is done by the staff and you can play at being a cowboy in luxurious accommodation. When staying on a Texan ranch you can ride horses and drive cattle along with the real life cowboys, meals will be taken around a traditional campfire and rides will usually last all day. Although for the inexperienced riders there are wagons available. If you are considering a ranch holiday then you should be of a reasonable standard at riding. There are many overseas adventure travel companies that offer several different ranch experiences in Texas.

In conclusion there are many different types of adventure holidays available throughout the USA. With the varied climates, scenery and attitudes in the different states there is something for everyone. If you do not fancy the above activities then you could also try surfing in Hawaii or California, the theme parks of Florida or even the historic trails of New England.


Allan Davidson writes regularly on adventure tours for a range of travel websites and blogs. Having spent the majority of his adult life back packing through the USA he has extensive knowledge of the different states.

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