Six Reasons Everyone Loves Ibiza

Beach in Ibiza, SpainIbiza is one of the holiday capitals of Europe, a place where people go for sun and sand and the fabulous nightlife that the island offers. There is plenty to keep both party animals and quieter people happy for the duration of their stay in Ibiza.

Sand and Sea

The main reason to love Ibiza has to be the beaches. These are, after all, the central factor in the island becoming such a holiday paradise. Ibiza has 18 kilometers of sandy beaches, with crystal clear waters lapping at them. If you are feeling active, there is plenty of opportunity to get stuck into water sports like windsurfing and snorkeling  while more cerebral visitors may want to check out some of the historical monuments that dot the shoreline.

Sundown Scene

Between the heat of the day and the thrills of the night comes the jaw-dropping Ibizan sunset. These are often spectacular on the island and there is nothing quite like seeing one of these aesthetic wonders as the DJ spins some tunes at your seafront bar or boat party. It really does feel like being in a music video at times.

Super Clubs

The island’s nightclub is second to none, once the sun goes down and it’s time to leave the beach. What makes the iconic clubs on the island even more appealing is the sheer quality of the musical acts and DJs who play the clubs. Some of the biggest names in dance music still return to the island year after year to play to enthusiastic crowds.

Fill Up with Food

All that partying and beach activity should generate an appetite, so it’s as well that the food on Ibiza is as varied and high quality as you might expect from a holiday paradise. High-quality local food cooked in Balearic styles is plentiful if you want to explore Ibizan cuisine. Dishes like bullit de peix (fish hotpot) and the local version of paella are especially worth trying. Chinese, Italian, Indian and other cuisines are also available, as are fast food chains if you just need to fill up quickly.

Locals and Visitors

The people are also a major draw when it comes to reasons to visit Ibiza. As well as the helpful and hospitable locals, the clubs and bars are full of people from all over the world who have come to enjoy themselves as much as possible. Making new friends and swapping stories has never been so easy. Who knows who you might bump into and how important they may turn out to be in your life?

Retail Therapy

Finally, if you want to do some shopping, Ibiza Port is the place to go. There you can find a great range of modern stores selling the latest in designer fashion. If you want to wear something a little more distinctive, then the local style, known as ‘Adlib’ and based on traditional Balearic styles, is well worth investigating.


Ibiza provides a great all-round holiday, however you prefer to spend your time. Book a trip here and you could be set for the vacation of a lifetime. Start by comparing the best deals on flights to Ibiza from

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