Six Fun US Road Trips to Take With Your Family

Road trips are a fun way for families to see the different parts of the country. Nearly every state has some section of road that is scenic or historic. Some routes even cross multiple states and provide unique driving experiences. Families will want to consider taking six of the most amazing road trips this summer.

Great Lakes Tour

Saugatuck Michigan

This road trip starts at the Chicago Skyway and winds west along the coast of Lake Michigan through Illinois, Michigan and eventually Wisconsin where the road ends in Milwaukee. The entire route is full of historic towns and antique shops. This includes many traditional seafood restaurants, scenic views of the lake and modern shopping in places like Saugatuck.

Route 66

Route 66, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Route 66 runs between Illinois and California. It is an iconic highway that every family will enjoy driving down. It passes through some of the most diverse types of terrain in the country from dense urban cities to open desert. The highway is lined with hotels, motels, restaurants and quaint attractions that will keep everyone entertained.

Florida Keys

Florida Keys Bridge

The Florida Keys are a collection of small islands off the coast of Florida connected by bridges and causeways. They offer families the chance to drive through a tropical climate, oftentimes with nothing but a few feet of asphalt between the car and the water. The islands are full of relaxing beaches, boat charters and hotels.

Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road

The Trail Ridge Road in Colorado spans 48 miles across the Rocky Mountain National Park. It passes between two of the highest peaks in the mountain chain. Families will see wildlife and plants that cannot be seen anywhere else. It even passes into the alpine tundra climate. Drivers will want to make sure to have car insurance from a service like since the climb and descent can be rough on an older vehicle.

Vermont Route 100

Vermont Route 100

Vermont Route 100 is one of the most scenic drives in the country. It runs north through Vermont. The route takes families though small and friendly towns full of history, restaurants and shopping. It also passes close to Green Mountain State Park where it is possible to drive up to the top of the Appalachian and Long trails for amazing views of the area.

The Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

United States Route 1 runs between Los Angeles and San Francisco along the Pacific Coast. The family will see the Pacific Ocean on one side and the varied terrain of California on the other. The scenery includes large farming fields, towering redwoods and rolling mountains at different points. The cities and towns along the way provide plenty of lodging and dining options.

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