Should You Choose a Disney Cruise over Disney World?

There are not many things which are more American than Disney World. It is that one vacation that all Americans dream of taking. No everyone can afford to go. The more children you have, the harder it is to make it. Finding the right ages for your children to enjoy it, and to find time away from work, are not the only steps to making the most of it. Since it is not an inexpensive experience, and one that you may only get one shot at trying out, finding the most exciting, and enjoyable way to see Disney World is one of the hardest decisions, and one which you must make right up front. If you are going to go to Disney, which is the best way to see it, going to Disney directly, or taking a Disney cruise?

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Going to Disney World

When you go to Walt Disney World itself, there are many different decisions that need to be made. With so many different hotel accommodations to make, it is hard to choose. The price ranges of the different resorts, hotels and motels can vary greatly. You have to first prioritize which part of the accommodations are more important to you. Do you want to choose a place that is close to the park, located on the park, luxurious, kid-friendly, one that has tickets included, all inclusive. There are so many different options to choose from it can be very intimidating, and also, very expensive.

When you take a Disney vacation and you don’t go the cruise route, it may take a considerable amount of time not only finding the accommodations, but also finding things to keep you and your family busy and entertained. There are so many different things to do not only in the park, but around the park, it all depends on the age ranges of your children and what their different interests are. The biggest problem will be prioritizing and affording to do all that you want to do. You will soon find out that everything, everything, has a price. Not only are there activities that need to be booked, you also have to be cognizant of the places where you would like to eat, any special events you want to be included in, and reservations that may be needed. There are certain activities like brunches and teas that will need to be reserved well in advance, or will be impossible to go to while there. Does it sound like a full time job to set it up? It can be.

Disney Cruise Ship - Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Advantages

A Disney cruise is run by Disney but has everything you need all laid out. You don’t need to find an airline, you don’t have to worry about accommodations or anything of the other hassles associated with making travel plans when you go with a Disney cruise. When you book a cruise, you not only know when you are going, where you are staying, how you are getting there, what days you will hit the park, where your meals will come from, all of those things will be included in the price of the trip. The only other budgeting you will need is to know what spending money you will need.

A Disney cruise also caters to populations of every age. Whether you are a senior citizen finally going to Disney as a lifelong dream, or a honeymooner couple looking to return to your days of youth, not only are you able to enjoy yourself at the park, there are considerable things to do once you reach the cruise ship. Enjoy yourself on the deck, use the workout facility, or take advantage of the kids club to spend some adult time with your significant others. With so many different freebies available on the cruise, there is something for everyone to do and not everything will cost a nickel and dime more. You can eat when you want, with a variety of choices available. There is entertainment 24/7 or you can just sit in a chair and relax.

Castaway Cay, Disney's Private Island

If you really want to see Disney in a stress-free, least expensive, most exciting way, taking a cruise instead of planning a trip all on your own may be the way to go. There are many advantages to letting someone else do the work, sitting back and having everything all inclusive without the stress of making sure you have every i dotted and t crossed.


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