Seven Tips to Save Money on Your Skiing Holiday

With the increase in bills, food shopping, clothing and just about everything else why spend more on your holiday, when you really don’t have to. We have taken the time to show you various ways in which you can make significant savings before and during your ski holiday.’

Skiing Holiday - photo by nonanet via Flickr, Creative Commons

1. Borrow or purchase your ski wear in the sales

With so many people deciding to take to the slopes, you may know a friend or family member who would happily lend you their ski wear. This is an option if you’re a first time skier and trying it out. If you will be taking to the slopes on a regular basis then purchasing your ski wear during the sales is a great way to cut costs.

2. Avoid school holidays

As skiing is a fantastic idea for a family holiday, unless you’re going with children it is best to avoid the school holiday times. The slopes will be less crowded and hotels and accommodation will be cheaper as you’re avoiding their peak times. The snow conditions will still be as good but you will also have more space to try some of the latest tricks.

3. School holiday savings

Alternatively if you are looking to travel during the school holidays book as early as possible to take advantage of early booking discounts, free kids places and tuition.

4. Online Discounts

Luckily, we now live in a world where most transactions are booked online which means discounts are also found online, either on the supplier’s website or through a discount voucher website. When looking for ski wear, flight, hotels, passes etc… have a look online through forums, discount code sites and social media to see if there are any money saving codes / offers out there for you.

Ski Lodge, photo by cavorite on Flickr, Creative Commons

5. Rent your skiing equipment

Alongside clothing ski equipment can also be rather expensive. As pointed above, unless you will be taking to the slopes on a regular basis or have it as a hobby / sport, then renting your equipment from your resort is the cheapest option. By hiring everything you need, you save money on baggage allowance and space in transfers (a mini cab is cheaper than a mini bus!).

6. Travel in a big group

This is also a fantastic excuse to get friends and family together. By travelling in a group you can find great discounts online and cheaper accommodation. Booking a chalet either catered or self catering will be cheaper for 7 days than 2 people staying in a hotel. You will always be able to split the bills between your group again reducing costs once you have arrived in resort.

7. Go by train

If you live in England, United Kingdom, many great Ski resorts are a stone’s throw away. By taking the train into Europe you will cut out expensive air travel taxes, and most of the train take you closer, if not directly, to your resort; this will cut out both transfer times and fees.

So there you have our seven top tips for saving money on your skiing holiday. Keeping your bank balance in the green, when booking cheap ski holidays you don’t have to cut those essential corners, just those unnecessary costs.


Author Amy McGinty, located in the UK, is an avid travel blogger and experienced freelance writer. She enjoys finding the best holiday locations around the world and researching online for the cheapest travel deals.



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