Seven Cool Places to Travel on a Budget

Just because you don’t have lots of money doesn’t mean you can’t do any traveling. While vacations are rarely free, you also don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to visit some really cool places. Here are locations that are big on experience but easy on the wallet.

Washington, DC1. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a great place to travel because so many interesting activities are available for free. All the monuments are open to the public daily (for free) and there are several Smithsonian Museums you can visit as well – also open daily for free. There’s no lack of restaurants in this area as well, including many very affordable options, and even the public transportation in this city is very inexpensive and easy to navigate.

2. Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, you can find beautiful hotel rooms for less than $100 per night, and if you’re willing to stay away from the strip, you can find even cheaper accommodations. When you’re on the casino floor, you’ll get free drinks as long as you’re gambling, and during the day, you can also find people giving out coupons so you can get into clubs without paying a cover charge – some even offer you a free drink.

3. The Beach

Most beaches are free, so it’s a great choice for traveling. One great option is to get a group of friends together and rent a beach house. This allows you to spend very little money on accommodations, and since you’ll have a kitchen, you can do some cooking as well, rather than paying to eat at restaurants every day.

4. Mexico

In the past few years, Mexico has gotten a bad rap due to the drug trade. While there are definitely some dangerous places in this country, if you stay at a resort and stick with tour groups, you’ll be as safe as you would be in the United States. Your money goes far in this country, as well as in many Central American countries, so don’t be afraid to explore these travel options.

5. Eastern Europe

Europe can be expensive, even if you backpack and stay at hostels. To minimize your costs, try traveling to Eastern European countries, like Romania and the Ukraine, instead of more traditional tourist countries like France and Germany.

New Orleans6. New Orleans

If you love to party, New Orleans is a great choice for cheap travel. This city explodes in popularity during Mardi Gras, but there are fun things to do here all year long. You can find discounted travel packages since the city is still focused on attracting tourists and reviving after Hurricane Katrina. As an added bonus, there’s a lot of historical sites to visit in or near New Orleans, and the culture is very different than you’ll find in the rest of the United States, so it’s a great experience.

7. Orlando

Lastly, consider heading to Orlando. This area of Florida is very accommodating to tourists, and Disney has fantastic packages that include your hotel, pack tickets, and even food all for one price if you want to visit Micky Mouse. There are also tons of other Orlando options for activities as well, and the weather in this area is beautiful during most of the year, so if you really want to travel on a budget, simply enjoy some time by your hotel’s pool.

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