Seoul – A Booming Hot Spot Tourist Destination

Springing from the ruins of Korean War, Seoul has boomed in just 50 years and become one of the hot spot tourist destinations in the world. A city that spans the Han River, Seoul is now world’s 10th most economically powerful city and second-largest metropolitan area. The north sides of city contain most of the old buildings and historic places, whereas the south side of the city is festooned with shopping malls, modern skyscrapers, office complexes and entertainment districts.

Skyline of Seoul, South Korea
Skyline of Seoul, South Korea

The city has been the capital of Korea for about 600 years, since the time of Joseon Dynasty, when it was referred as Han Yang. After liberation from Japan in 1945, the newly found Republic of Korea officially changed its capital city’s name to Seoul, which is now a bustling metropolis which is a social, cultural, economic and political hub of country. So pack your bags, make a plan and book low fare tickets on flights bound to South Korea to enjoy its astonishing beauty and amazing attractions.

While you’re in South Korea, you may fancy a tour of the DMZ that separates North and South Korea. It can teach you all about the history of the two nations and gives you a peek into North Korean lands.

Gadgets, luxury, fashion, culture, history and great food – you’ll find everything in the city of Seoul. Providing shelter to about 10 million people (roughly one-quarter of South Korea’s population) makes Seoul a colorful and vibrant city that requires no excuse to visit it.

Seoul is a clean, attractive and global city where you are stopping for the very first time or the tenth time, there are plenty of things to see and astonishing places to explore that will keep even the most discrete traveler happy.

Beautiful Night View of the Hangang River

The Banpodaegyo Bridge is a two-tiered bridge over Hangang River that features Moonlight Rainbow Fountain . It is world’s longest bridge, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, where one can enjoy 380 water jets and a dazzling array of multi-colored dynamic lights that move in time to music creating an enchanting effect. This is a not-to-be-missed event that represents a spectacular combination of both light and sound. During nights Banpodaegyo attracts tourists from all corners of city. The Moonlight Rainbow foundation operates from April to October but it varies from month to month.

Sprawling Cityscape

Seoul is a modern wonder, full of high-rise buildings which are situated around the Han River and the Jongno neighborhood, the cultural and financial center of city. Some glittering gems of Seoul that you must visit include The National Museum, while for shopping lovers Namdaemun market is no less than a Mecca. Gangnam and Apgujeong-dong neighborhoods are great places where there are plenty of cafes, movie theaters, and outdoor entertainment to enjoy some leisure time. Those who are missing English culture Itaewon, near the American military base is a right stop for all the things. Yongsan Electronic Shopping town is a great place for gadget freaks.

Hangang River Cruises

 Hangang River , Seoul, South Korea
Hangang River , Seoul, South Korea

The Hangang river cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the Hangang river, which has 8 different docks to board. All the cruises have different themes allowing passengers to enjoy live performances and fine dining experiences. The romance of Hangang makes river cruises very popular with lovers throughout the year. Enjoy the spectacular visuals at night, as it is guaranteed to create unforgettable memories for families, lovers and friends alike. So why wait when there is so much happening all around. Just catch low fare flights from LON to SEL and enjoy one of the best holiday experiences of your life.

Samsung d’light

Located within the Samsung Electronics Building in Seocho-dong, Samsung d’light is an exhibition space that showcases all the latest consumer electronic products developed by Samsung Electronics. The world d’light is a combination of two words which is both digital and light. It also meant to convey delight and excitement. It has various amazing galleries where visitors can enjoy wonders created by these electronic gadgets. Mobile Plaza is one such place where visitors can create digital content with electronic consumer products boasting the latest technology. At Capture Wall, visitors can have their pictures taken which is immediately projected on a media wall comprised of 82 LFD monitors. Visitors can type messages on a designated computer and have their message displayed on the Message Floor. Visitors can also try out all of electronics products on display including latest laptops, tablets, and PCs.

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