Searching for a Midwest College

When your recent high school graduate is ready to “fly the coop” and head to college, take advantage of this  probable final “vacation” with your adult child and go check out some great schools together.  It’s a perfect time to pass on valuable grown up information they will need to be aware of, if not handle entirely on their own; vehicle, health and life insurance, bill paying techniques, nutritional guidelines, etc. Here are some of our favorites if you’re looking for a midwest college.


Kenyon College – Leonard Hall By Curt Smith

Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, and the University of Cincinnati in have two of the most beautiful college campuses, according to Forbes Magazine. Kenyon College is set in a beautiful, rustic landscape, with Gothic architecture and amazing fall foliage. The college fosters a community of tradition. Incoming freshmen are “initiated” into the school community by singing school songs when they first arrive, and will assemble to sing the same songs right before they graduate. When the college gets a new president, candles are lit in all of the university windows as a traditional welcome.

University of Cincinnati’s Crawley Building by Adam Sofen

The University of Cincinnati is one of the largest universities in the United States. It offers an exceptional architecture and design program; reflected in the campus buildings and grounds. Since the 1990s, various influential architects have designed the many buildings on campus. This university also developed the “cooperative educational program,” allowing students to blend learning in the classroom with relevant work experience.  The concept has given students worldwide a well-rounded experience for their futures.


Notre Dame gateway to campus by Tim Wilson

In a recent college salary report by PayScale, graduates from the University of Notre Dame and Carleton College went on to make the most money after college. Notre Dame is a 15-minute drive from South Bend, Indiana airport.  Its Fighting Irish mascot and fight song are popular among football fans, and its engineering and architecture programs are popular among students. The Golden Dome of the main building is striking, and the fall foliage is breathtaking.

Carleton College is consistently ranked one of the top 10 liberal arts colleges in the United States, and is situated in the historic town of Northfield, Minnesota. Academics are important, but so are extracurricular organizations. The college has more than 150 student organizations, including theater groups, acappella clubs, a debate program, and several student publications. Campus life and student traditions are important at the college but fun and frolic is also rampant; pranksters have repeatedly painted the school’s water tower, and there is a tradition that involves taking the bust of Friedrich Schiller and making it mysteriously show up at campus events.


Students interested in pursuing a career in the arts will want to visit Oberlin College, Ohio, near the southern border of Lake Erie.  The college has its own Conservatory of Music, a highly ranked program with a competitive application process. Oberlin’s “experimental college” is a student-run department that allows students to teach their own classes, letting students get creative and offer classes that are not otherwise taught at the school. Even though Oberlin is known for its arts and music, it also has strong science programs as well.

Oberlin College

Oberlin College

The School of Fine Arts at Miami University, near Cincinnati, Ohio, has a renowned program for artists and musicians. With international, graduate and summer programs, the school offers something for everyone. SFAMU prides itself on the close collaboration between teachers and students that gives students a strong foundation on which to grow.

The Midwest offers a variety of schools that specialize in just about everything.  It’s also well known for a few great things: good old-fashioned courtesy, friendliness, blue-collar hardworking attitudes, and a love of sports and the great outdoors.  Not such a bad combination.

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