Check Out 5 of the Most Scenic Destinations in Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful island country that has a vast ancient and middle age history with a number of different groups like Egyptians, Ottomans, and Persians that once inhabited the land. Many of these groups have left their mark on the landscape.  Nowadays, Cyprus serves as a great place for tourists to take in some wonderful sights on their vacation.

The tropical feeling and pleasant demeanor of the island residents makes Cyprus one of the best and most welcoming places to visit, or if you can’t get enough of the island flair, the many villas for sale may make you want to take an early retirement. Until that day comes however, enjoy vacationing on this wonderful island and check out the many scenic destinations this beautiful land has to offer.

1. Paphos Harbor and Castle

Paphos harbor and castle

“View of Paphos harbor 00490-92” by Anna Anichkova – Own work.

One great area to visit is the Paphos Harbor and Castle. Not only is a very historical site with a rich tale that includes Aphrodite’s (the goddess of love) birthplace, but it’s an ideal area for fishing. Many tourists come out to this spot to visit the different seafood restaurants and cafes. The view is spectacular for looking at the colorful fishing boats as well as the castle that’s been around since 1391. There are many grand, spectacular walls surrounding the area and the harbor was originally built by Alexander the Great.

2. Ancient Curium and castle of Kolossi

Another interesting spot to visit is the Ancient Curium and castle of Kolossi. They are not too far apart and can be viewed as a two for one in a day trip! This has boundless Cyprus history with the museum serving as a great tourist attraction. Visit the Kolossi Castle – home of the Knights Hospitallers. The curium site dates back all the way to second century AD.

3. The Beaches of Ayla Napa and Protaras

Protaras beach

“Modern new pedestrian seaside road next to Protaras beach in Paralimni” by AyianapaProtaras – Own work.

For more touristy type of attractions, Ayla Napa and Protaras have incredible beaches. It’s a very popular destination for out-of-towners because of the great water sports you can take part in near the picturesque beaches. It was once a fishing area, but slowly turned into one of the most scenic areas in Cyprus. For more of a peaceful and serene kind of aura, there are monasteries not too far from the beaches. Protaras is also a great place for the beach, but it’s more for family and has a personal kind of vibe.

4. Cedar Valley

The hustle and bustle of the beach is not the only thing going for the island-country. Cedar Valley is for the people that appreciate nature in its beauty. This is truly the area for when you want to get away from everything. Take in the sights of indigenous Cyprus cedar trees, the wild sheep called Moufflon.

5. Paphos Mosaics

Paphos Mosaics

Paphos Mosaic by Rita Willaert on Flickr

Lastly, the Paphos mosaics are real works of art. This is history at its finest because of the mosaics as well as depicting scenes showing early Greek mythology. If a visitors wants to get an idea of what opulence was back in those days, this is destination you want to explore!

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