Say “Aloha” to Maui

Can you imagine the sun kissed beaches; a blue sea with exotic sea creatures, picturesque landscapes, rich culture, and a lovely libation in your hand while you just lay back and enjoy your holiday?

How about you and your better half having a marvelous time on your honeymoon as the waves gently lap up against your feet during a sunset walk on the beach? And why not finish off a perfect day by spending a cozy night under the stars while sharing an exotic dinner?

Or maybe, you and your family are on an adventure vacation? Everything, including surfing, snorkeling, exploring the island’s cultural treasures, trekking through the dense rain forests, cooling off under a tropical water fall, and more is on the agenda while having a blast with the people you love most! It sounds incredible, but you can get have it all on one island.

Maui beach

Welcome to Maui!

Notably, it’s one of the world’s hottest tourist locations, because it’s one of the few places where you can truly enjoy the forgotten sacred beauty that only really connecting with nature can provide. Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands with an estimated population of 144,444. Maui was given it’s name by the fisherman turned Polynesian navigator, Hawai’iloa. It is  said he also discovered the island of Hawai’i. The island of Maui was named after his son. It even has a nickname. It’s known as the “Valley Isle” due to the number of large valleys formed as a result of the confluence of the northwestern and southwestern volcanic mountains. The island offers an incredibly diverse landscape and mild climates, making it a perfect holiday getaway almost any time of year.

Maui Highlights

The island has much to offer in the areas of sport, stress reduction, entertainment and relaxation. And certainly there are a million things that you could do, but there are a few spots of interest that fall into the “absolutely must-see” category. Some of the world’s finest locations, activities and nature tourist destinations that you simply shouldn’t miss experiencing are on Maui. Let’s take a sneak-peek into what’s this exotic holiday island has got on the platter!


Pretty much every major beach on Maui is good for snorkeling, unless otherwise posted. But, when a “No Swimming” sign is posted, it is wise to take heed. It’s there for a reason. Departures for the Molokini Crater snorkeling trips occur in Lahaina and Kihei daily, weather permitting. Keep in mind, it’s always good to go with the bigger 50 ft boat as it keeps any wave action felt at a minimum.  Located about 2 miles off the Maui coast, Molokini is a well-known place for sighting colorful tropical fish, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles,  colorful coral reefs and other wildlife.

Green sea turtle

Turtle Town

Watching these docile, lovely, sometimes ancient, creatures at play is an experience in itself. Some of these turtles are decades older than the tourists.You can even snorkel and swim alongside the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. It’s truly an experience that will thrill you, and your children!

Whale Watching

You will always remember your first time while cruising peacefully on a comfortable catamaran and suddenly jumping in excitement at the sighting of one of these mammoth creatures.

Every year, the North Pacific Humpback Whales migrate down from the Gulf of Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands in search of it’s tropical warm waters for mating and birthing. Since the concentration of whales is at a maximum in Maui from January to mid-April, you’re basically guaranteed a sighting. You might even get lucky enough to have a little surprise if the Spinner Dolphins show up to entertain you with their antics, and it’s all in their natural habitat, not in a captive situation.

surfing in Hawaii

Surfing and Windsurfing

Clearly, one of the most popular sports in Hawaii is surfing. In Maui you can enjoy the wind and the waves at Ho’okipa, Fleming Beach, and Kanaha Beach Park, which just so happen to be world famous surfing and windsurfing spots. Because these beaches have easy accessibility, (some have handicapped access) more advanced equipment can provide increased safety, which means you can really let your vacation begin. Note: Some beaches on Maui have no Lifeguard stations. To ensure a great vacation on Maui, be sure to research these areas for potential hazards before you go.

Snuba Diving

Get the best of both, scuba and snorkeling! A fantastic experience with trained and experienced SNUBA instructors. A breathing tank attached to floating raft help you breathe with the aid of a 20 feet hosepipe.

While snuba diving, you will go deeper than you would while snorkeling and stay in the water longer. The feeling of weightlessness combined with amazing underwater flora and fauna views are a both thrilling and exhilarating. What’s more, this wonderful experience requires no prior training. All you need to know is how to swim. (Note: Snubers must be over 8 years of age.)


While on your Maui vacation, if heights are your thing, you must experience ziplining. In a nutshell, ziplining is zipping across the island, through the treetops while strapped to a safety harness that’s attached to a line which takes you about 400 feet across the interior of Maui. You’ll experience that rush of excitement as you fly through the rainforest, but don’t worry too much, you’re safe in the hands of a professional guide!


Lush forests, an excellent climate and high, challenging mountains make it a perfect hiking getaway. There is no better way to treat yourself to Mother Nature’s beautiful bounty. Maui is home to a long list of tropical flora and fauna, and quite a few endangered species that are simply a must-see. Though Maui is an island, it’s geography and topology offers you seven exquisite ecological systems to explore. You can head off on a solo adventure, or make sure you see it all in the company of a guide.

There is just simply so much to see and do in Maui that you will have to come back to see and do it all.

Maui Boat Trips

Really, that’s what Leilani, the sister ship to Pride of Maui is all about. They are simply the best boat tours in Maui, offering private, personalized service and packages for small groups. They offer a host of trips, events and destinations to choose from, depending upon the size of your group, and of course your desires.

You can opt for the “Best Day on Maui Cruise.” A fun-filled day aboard one of the best 50 foot water sporting yachts in the islands. You’ll spend the day snorkeling and exploring many different locations in Maui. You’ll visit Turtle Town, watch enormous whales, frolicking dolphins and schools of colorful fish, all in a relaxed one-day adventure.

One of the most amazing sites on Maui is when the sun disappears into the horizon. It can be an overwhelming sight. Spend some quiet time enjoying the tropical breeze and basking in the golden glow of the sunset and take a “Maui Sunset Cruise.” SIt back, relax and raise a glass to the beauty around you because it was just another day in paradise… and you lived it well!

On Leilani you can opt for group tours, or private boat charters. Either way you will get to experience the finest in Hawai’ian hospitality in Maui. From a great selection of food and a bar to indulge in, down to their very friendly crew whose goal is to exceed your expectations in every way. It’s their pleasure to make sure it will be the time of your life!

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