Safe Driving Tips for Long Road Travels

While some people opt to travel by air, others decide to load their car and travel by land. As what many know, road trips can be fun, most especially if you go in groups.  In fact, it is an exciting way to see new sights and bond with family or friends and without spending too much.

Safe Driving Tips

However, long road travels can also be exhausting – especially for the driver. Aside from driving, he or she must also make sure that everyone in the car is safe the entire road trip. And there are a lot of things to consider when thinking of safety.

If you plan on taking long road travels, here’s a list of safe driving tips to help you out.

Plan Your Trip

For a hassle-free drive, do some research beforehand. Know how many hours you’ll be driving and what route you’re going to take. You can purchase a map so that you won’t get lost. Don’t rely on the GPS system alone. Know different stopovers, gasoline stations or car shops along the way.

Take Turns Driving

Being accompanied by people who also know how to drive is a huge advantage. Why? When you get tired, you can let the others help by driving part of the way. Taking turns in driving will keep the main driver from getting fatigue and will allow everyone to enjoy the road trip.

Buckle Up

Did you know that even slow-speed car crashes can send an unbelted person into the dashboard or window? You might not believe it, but properly worn seat belts can literally save lives. Although being harnessed to your seat for hours can be grueling, you must not forget that these safety belts can prevent you from being thrown out of the vehicle during accidents.

Avoid Driving Distractions

From texting to eating, fiddling with electronic gadgets to talking with passengers, distractions must be avoided while driving. A lot of car accidents happen because of these things. It is strongly suggested that drivers keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

Don’t Drive Drunk, Drowsy or Tired

Many deaths would have been avoided if drivers don’t drive drunk, drowsy or tired. Drivers should be in the best of health when behind the wheel – especially on long drives. Get eight solid hours of sleep the day before the trip and if possible, stay away from alcoholic drinks! If you do, you might lose focus and drift off the road.

Drive at the Right Speed

Everyone knows this: speed driving kills. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Administration says that even in 2008, speeding was a contributing factor in 30% of fatal crashes. To stay safe, obey speed limits. I tell you, the time you’ll save by driving 10mph faster is inconsequential compared to the risk of crashing. Leave early if you want to arrive early.

Safe driving!


Based in San Diego, California, Melissa Page loves to travel with her loved ones. Her first road trip culminated in a hotel in Downtown, Las Vegas. When she’s not busy writing or traveling, she’s out with her friends bowling.

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