Romantic Proposal Destinations Where She’s Sure to Say ‘Yes’

There is something about the Royal family of England that captures everyone’s interest and keeps them hooked onto any major development in the family. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton grabbed eyeballs from all over the world. This huge interest in this union could have resulted from the fact that it really was a modern day version of a fairy tale, unfolding in front of all. One of the things that made even the stone-hearted sit up and take notice was the way prince William proposed to her. After trekking around Kenya, he chose a remote wooden log cabin to pop the question to Kate Middleton to be the future queen of England. This prince knew how exactly a proposal should be to sweep his ladylove off her feet and get only an affirmative answer. So, if you are planning to pop the question and ask your girl to make a transition from girlfriend to fiancé and then wife, you better make sure the ante is upped. To make things easier for you, we have listed down exotic locations that will make sure yours is a proposal to remember, always.

Whitsundays, Australia

Whitsundays Australia by Phil Whitehouse on Flickr

This place offers you the perfect setting for the ideal proposal. You have a heart shaped island located between large expanses of blue water. The heart shape island could form the perfect backdrop when you ask her midair. If not that, then you can head 212 meters above sea level on the Mountain Oldfield and have a panoramic view of the islands and also the prancing of dolphins and whales in the pristine and crystalline waters. If your partner is a water baby then this would be the most perfect setting you could create for her.

Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy by Kevin Poh on Flickr

If your partner has a thing for books and literature, there cannot be a more ideal destination than Verona, Italy. Shakespeare lovers will tell you that Romeo and Juliet met in this town. The town also pays ode to this fact by placing Juliet’s balcony in such a way that it seems like it has been there since forever. But, don’t be fooled as it was added only in 1936. For bibliophiles, the charm of this quaint town is unmatched. After all, nothing excites a bibliophile more than immersing themselves completely in the setting of a book. And what better way than getting proposed in this setting!

Agra, India

Taj Mahal by rachel in wonderland on Flickr

The Taj Mahal is known as the oldest and biggest testament of romantic love. The folklore says that Emperor Shah Jahan built it for his wife Mumtaz as his way of expressing his love for her. He wanted to create a masterpiece for her which could never be replicated ever. On a full moon night, by the banks of river Yamuna, as this wonder of the world sparkles and glows, go down on your knee and promise her a lifetime of happiness. Not only will she be enchanted by the backdrop, she will always remember the special effort you took to surprise her. After all this, it would really take a stone heart to not melt.

London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom by Tim Morris on Flickr

The capital of the United Kingdom has a magnificent structure in the London Eye and has a beautifully planned city to watch over from this point. Book a capsule on the London Eye and propose her midair with the entire city witness to your most memorable moment. Toast to your love with champagne and watch the numerable lights of the city, hand in hand. Or you could climb 311 steps to get to the 17th century Monument to the Great Fire of London located in the heart of the city.  This monument lets you see a classic amalgamation of the old meeting the new in all its glory. The Great Fire of London can stand symbolic to the eternal flame of love in your relationship.

Paris, France

Paris, France by moppet65535 on Flickr

You can’t complete a list of romantic destinations without counting the most romantic city in the world, Paris. When you talk about lifelong bond and love, you can’t miss the city of love. Paris has made its way into almost all must visit places lists, especially for lovers. This city offers many spaces to choose from to commit to eternal love together. You can choose the obvious Eiffel tower or the Arc de Triomphe or you can go for the less obvious choices like the Jardin du Luxembourg. Either way Paris in itself offers such a beautiful and romantic backdrop that a proposal in this city rarely gets refused.

In the matters of the heart, let your mind take precedence and choose either of these destinations. Plan it well and floor her with a proposal she just can’t refuse.


Julian Rivera is a professional photographer who works with Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery, an award winning jeweler who has been in the industry for the past 20 years. He enjoys travelling whenever he gets the time to.

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