Road Tripping for Haunted House Halloween Thrills

Haunted houses are a multibillion dollar industry, but not all of them are created equally. The vast majority of the haunted houses that pop up each year are done on a limited budget in a transitory location. Although some of these houses still manage to produce top-notch scares, the best haunts are in permanent locations and are operated by veterans of the haunted attraction industry.

Haunted House

The Best Haunted House Destination in the U.S.

1.) Pontiac, Michigan – The Metro Detroit area is home to over 60 haunted houses each Halloween season, but the two best haunts in the area are approximately one mile from each other. Erebus was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s largest walkthrough haunted house, and it features an intense, 30-minute experience that leaves customers screaming for more. A five-minute car ride from Erebus will take travelers to Realm of Darkness. This fully interactive experience is visually stunning and provides each visitor with the opportunity to win their money back via a game of chance.

2.) Baton Rouge, Louisiana – The 13th Gate haunted house is widely regarded as one of the scariest and most detailed attractions in the world. Visitors will go through 13 distinctly different themes as they make their way through the indoor and outdoor attraction, and this keeps the disorientation and interest factor at a high level throughout the entire experience.

3.) New Orleans, Louisiana – Haunted house lovers who are looking for a different experience will be thrilled by a visit to the House of Shock in New Orleans. Unlike most haunts, this location allows its actors to not only touch the guests, but to even intentionally shove them. The haunt is often referred to as being similar to a full body contact sport, and those who are open to this will be treated to a visual, physical and auditory experience unlike any other in the country.

4.) St. Louis, Missouri – The Darkness has been voted the nation’s scariest haunted house with good reason. The actors are highly skilled at terrifying guests and the props provide the perfect ambiance and misdirection. Unlike most haunts, guests unknowingly interact with the rooms and change their experience by stepping on certain spots on the floor that set off a chain reaction of different events. As an added bonus, The Darkness features a horror museum that all patrons will go through before they exit the building.

Spooky Woods Haunted House in High Point, NC

5.) Atlanta, Georgia – Netherworld has been a staple of the Atlanta area since 1997, and it is revered by both guests and members of the haunted attraction industry for its continual originality and attention to detail. Most haunts take at least some of their inspiration from popular horror movies and slasher characters, but Netherworld has always provided guests with a uniquely themed experience that explores an original storyline through the usage of some of the most elaborate makeup, costumes, props and set designs in the industry.

Regardless of which area you choose to explore, it is vital to stay alert and aware at all times while you are on the road. Our Houston accident law firm states that fatigue is one of the number one causes of traffic accidents in the U.S., and drivers are much more susceptible to it after dark. Take a break if you feel overly tired, and make sure that you plan your route in advance to include as many local haunts as possible.

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