Rise of Travel in Dubai – Tourism Gets More Style

Even the little kids have heard of Dubai which is one of the most common and most luxurious holiday spots in the world. This holiday spot, positioned strategically in the Persian Gulf, is undoubtedly the dream location for holidays for millions of people from various parts of the world. Since the tourism is one of the most important businesses in this part, there are large numbers of hotels from international brands that has developed their infrastructure to render their hospitality services to the people visiting Dubai. The place is famous for its architectural marvels and the luxurious hotels can be found in various shapes and sizes.

Dubai, UAE

The hospitality in these hotels is simply unmatchable. The hotels give not just the best living conditions, but it also becomes a prestige issue to stay in these hotels. Many of the tour package arranging companies includes the stay in these 5-star and 7-star hotels which become the highlight for many people. Some of the most remarkable hotels here include the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel which has become a famous landmark and symbol of Dubai.

Looking at the brands and stars of these hotels, one might assume Dubai to be a very expensive city to travel. However, you will be surprised to know that this is not true. Dubai is a unique tourist destination that offers luxury at affordable rates. One will find all sorts of hotels ranging from highly priced ones to reasonable ones too. Similarly, it also offers various shopping options from big malls to small street markets. Hence, budget can never be an issue when it comes to travelling Dubai. It a place for all!

Burj al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The yachting scene is also a business which is closely related to the hospitality business as many of the clients at these hotels would prefer to go for yacht cruises, organizing a party or event onboard of the yachts and such other luxuries which are mastered by yacht rental Dubai firms. The service on these yachts is nothing less that the service at these top hotels.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Even though the rest of the world is going through a tough time with the financial crunch engulfing many economies, the hospitality industry of Dubai is cruising at a healthy pace. The rises in the tourism and new attractions have added up a decent rise in the rate of occupancy in the hotels. According to a recent study there was nearly a ten percent hike in the room rates of the luxurious hotels. Even with the revised rates the occupancy rates have gone up nearly 5 percent which is quite some good news for the tourism of Dubai.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

These major hotels are a tourist attraction and may woo tourists from all parts of the world but the Dubai hotels are also becoming increasingly famous among the corporates. The rate of holding events and meetings in these famous hotels has also increased considerably.

Moreover during the Hajj season the region gets to see quite a decent rise in the occupancy rates. The recent political stability has made the region a safer holiday destination for many.


Article written by Nadia Quraishi, Team Lead at one of the leading Dubai based company which specialize in Yacht Charter Dubai service. She is also a web enthusiast and blogger who loves to write on travelling experience. Add her on Google+


  1. Dubai is really an awesome place to visit with its eye catching building and sculptures it is considered as one of the best tourist attraction till date and a fun place to be in.

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