Tips on Reducing the Stress of Air Travel

Air Travel

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Transportation, whether for business or for pleasure, can be very stressful. Flying, above all, carries its own subtle tensions, however, enjoying a flight can be very easy as long as the passenger observes certain basic guidelines. These guidelines can help inexperienced travelers as well as the more experienced.

The first major consideration is to ensure the prospective flyer has allowed for changes in their itinerary. A strict travel plan can wreak havoc on the unsuspecting traveler when mother nature comes to visit. Weather is a key part of air travel and even the most mild of thunderstorms can delay a flight enough that connections can be missed. This fact, coupled with a lack of options for a missed connection can leave the weary traveler with a negative feeling towards air transportation, not to mention, stuck in a terminal far from their intended destination. This can be avoided if a direct flight is available, and direct flights are always encouraged as they are typically the cheapest option. Cheap flights are always a stress reducer, so doing a good amount of research to find the lowest fare will always lower the travelers tension. Relaxing during a long flight knowing that the lowest fare was achieved, and funds are available for the itinerary interruptions, is a major stress reducer.

The second big consideration is to pack light. Airlines have begun to add certain charges for luggage, so the passenger should be advised to check with their individual carrier for their baggage instructions. Whatever a passenger packs in their carry-on may also be inspected, so to reduce the tension of the safety inspection, they should take the least amount of carry-on luggage as feasible. If it can be packed away in the checked luggage, put it below!

If a group is flying together, or the travelers are inexperienced, remember to increase the pre-flight time. Nothing is more stressful than to arrive at the airport with even five people and having to run to catch a plane. Parking, Baggage check-in, ticket counter, safety inspections, and pre-flight boarding all take time, and so much time is lost just keeping a group together. If small children or infirm passengers are present, most airlines grant special considerations to assist in boarding the aircraft. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance, as the flight crews are prepared for these situations are more than happy to assist.

Once the aircrew has begun boarding, the passenger should locate their seat assignment and stow their personal belongings. Only a certain amount of time is allotted for boarding, so it may seem rushed. Once seated, buckle up, sit back, and listen to the safety briefing. Most fears can be allayed through understanding of procedures if an emergency should occur.

Passengers should have the confidence in knowing that they have done everything to prepare for the flight ahead. Proper planning, time allowance, booking the cheap airfare, and remembering to pack light will ultimately lead to the ability to sit back, go “wheels up”,and enjoy the flight.

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