Reasons to Consider Off-Season Travel

Summer vacations are where memories are etched in the sand, the sunscreen and the photos you take home. But summer vacations also mean one thing: they take place during the hottest, most crowded, most expensive time of the year.

Crowded Beach in Summer

Summer is the height of tourist season and that means the room prices are about as high as they could be and all the attractions you’ve come to see are going to be busy with everyone else who has also come on their summer vacation.

But there is another option: an off-season vacation. And there are at least four reasons an off-season vacation might be right for you.

1. Weather

Summers can be unbearably hot in certain vacation destinations, especially those in the southern U.S. When the temperatures are in the 90s plus humidity there isn’t a whole lot you’ll really feel like doing other than lying on the beach or at the pool. This can be great for certain vacations but if you want to explore the area at all the summer heat will make that a bit hard to do. Plus if you choose to visit your vacation destination during the shoulder season you can enjoy weather that is just slightly cooler but still plenty warm to lie on the beach or at the pool.

2. Prices

During the summer, occupancy rates are the highest they’ll be all year meaning any spare rooms the hotels have are likely to be priced really high since the hotel isn’t very concerned about having a lot of space to fill. But during the off-season hotels, especially hotels in Myrtle Beach or other big summer vacation destinations, are much more likely to discount their rooms with specials. By booking during the off season you can take advantage of those discounted rooms and maybe convert those savings in to a slightly longer vacation.

3. Crowds

Summer vacations are popular, and with popularity come crowds. You’re more likely to have to wait in line at your favorite attraction or for a table at the best restaurant if you come during the summer when everyone else is also visiting the area. But during the off season, those crowds are gone and that means less waiting and more enjoying the things you want to do.

4. Things to do

Since there are fewer people around during the off season, restaurants, stores and shopping areas are more likely to throw festivals or events to help attract people to their place of business. The shoulder season months are the peak times for these kinds of events because the weather is still nice, but the crowds aren’t around. You can take advantage of these festivals and things to do by checking out sites like Vacation Myrtle Beach, which list area events so you can plan a vacation around them or just find fun things to do once you get to your destination.


  1. I agree with your point off seasons are usually cheap and in my view the best. I really like to travel off season always as it is less crowdy also.

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