Reasons To Choose Air Charter Over Commercial Airlines

Do you find yourself dreading the thought of sitting through another 5-hour flight on a commercial airline every time you need to travel? You’re not the only one. While flying is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to travel nowadays, many things that inescapably come with commercial flights have, through the years, given flying a bad name. Long lines, cramped seating and lost luggage are just some of the many unfortunate things you have to deal with in commercial flights. Thankfully, you now have another, better option when it comes to flying, and that is air charter.

Charter plane

What is an Air Charter?

When flying with regular commercial airlines, you purchase individual seats. In air charter, you basically rent or charter the entire aircraft. This changes many factors: your waiting time, luggage check-in, the space available for you within the aircraft, among many other things.

As you might have guessed, this also changes how much you spend for your flight. Air charters are more expensive than flying with a commercial airline. But when you look at the benefits of air charters, it’s really quite understandable why this would be so.

Why Choose Air Charters?

Air charters may be pricier than commercial flights, but there are plenty of reasons why they’re worth it:

  • Flights leave when you’re ready. With commercial flights you have to be in the airport around 2 hours before your scheduled flight. With an air charter you need not worry about heading to the airport so soon or being late for your flight. The flight itinerary is personalized for you so the plane only flies when you’re there and ready.
  • You save a significant amount of time. There’s no need to wait for the next flight to get to your destination, no need to wait in long lines or endure flight delays or cancellations. Your flight is made to fit conveniently into your schedule.
  • Direct access to more airports. Unlike commercial flights, charter flights can fly directly and land in more airports and fields. This means lesser connecting flights and more time and money saved.
  • Privacy. Whether you choose to travel alone or with a small group of colleagues, you can be assured of increased privacy in a charter flight.
  • More productive work environment. More privacy means more peace and quiet and more uninterrupted time for productive work in-flight.
  • Lesser risks. With an air charter you don’t have to risk losing or damaging your luggage or sitting beside annoying or suspicious characters in the plane. Your luggage is loaded directly and securely from you to the plane, and you get to pick who joins you in your flight.
  • Luxurious amenities. Jet charters are significantly more spacious than commercial planes, with wider, more comfortable seats, personalized first-class service and lavish comforts and amenities.
  • Added security. Because air charter companies are often private, they can be more discriminating when it comes to hiring personnel. This ensures that only the best and most trustworthy people cater to your needs on board. And with lesser passengers on board, you can be assured of more thorough security checks, giving you absolute peace of mind.

The level of flexibility, comfort and convenience you get from air charters far surpasses what you would get from any commercial airline. So the next time you fly, think about choosing air charters instead and erase your dread in flying for good.

Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including Jet Charters and other fields.  Debra considers Skyforce Aviation as one of the leaders in Air Charter Services.

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