Ranch and Farm Vacations: Great Weekend Trips for Kids

Ranch and farm vacations are gaining in popularity and make the ideal weekend getaway for families. Not only is it a great way to connect with nature, you’ll find a wide selection of activities to choose from in a relaxing and hospitable setting.

Farm and Ranch Vacations

Infants and Toddlers

There is no doubt that farms and ranches have something for everyone in the family, but babies can sometimes become agitated with a day packed with too much of a good thing. Families with infants and toddlers can make this a more enjoyable experience by bringing along prepared snacks that are tasty and healthy like sliced fruits, vegetables, cheese sticks, crackers, etc. It will also minimize stress for tiny tikes if outings are arranged around nap times. In addition, packing items specifically designed for travel, such as  travel cribs and bouncers by Bjorn, activity mats and playards by Bright Starts™, or an assortment of other  toys and accessories can also keep your infant entertained and happy throughout your busy day.

Choosing a Destination

Whether you’re heading for the mountains, looking for a lake region, or sticking close to home, you’re sure to discover your own unique version of wilderness. There are a host of ranches and farms  that boast of amusement for the entire family.

The Rocking Horse Ranch This expanse of adventure sits a mere 90 minutes from New York City and overlooks approximately 500 acres of pristine splendor in the Shawangunk Mountains. Family fun and a variety of activities are at the heart of the ranch with inclusive pricing that includes horseback riding, meals, entertainment, day camp for children and more.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch This Arkansas ranch is a true western experience in a picturesque setting. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the southern hospitality and can participate in a myriad of outdoor activities that includes rock climbing, zip lining, horseback riding and more. The accommodations are comfortable and consist of rustic cabins with wide porches, rocking chairs and scenic views.

Bluffdale Vacation Farm This Illinois classic getaway has been welcoming visitors to their scenic 320 acre farm since 1963. Guests can experience unique farm living in a 150 year old stone farmhouse surrounded by abundant wildlife. In addition to an assortment of enjoyment and exciting recreational activities such as horseback riding, fishing, boating and swimming, your children can experience every day farm living by helping out with chores and tending to the animals.

Food and Fun

One of the most pleasurable experiences of a ranch and farm vacation is the food. Many of the places offer some of the best homemade food you will ever taste. Generous home cooked meals are usually serviced in-house and include baked breads, rolls, desserts and pies. Guests can also get back to nature and enjoy traditional delicious home cooking around an outdoor fire. After dinner,  your adventure can continue with a host of activities that includes dancing, music, entertainment or just sitting back and enjoying the campfire. Depending on the age ranges of the children, you’ll find an array of games that consists of horseshoes, tournaments and other excursions sure to engage families of all skill sets.

Bringing Families Together

A vacation that allows families to get back to nature, relax and unwind on an open range is an excellent way for everyone to ditch technology and find ways to reconnect. Beach vacations are relaxing escapes for a family. However, for those looking for a greater adventure, a weekend getaway to a ranch and farm may be the ideal destination. Here your kids will learn real escapades by real people, all in a fun and educational setting.


  1. I also think this really a great way to spend you weekend enjoying the quite and the peaceful weather out their in the farms.

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