3 Quintessentially British Things to Do, While in Britain!

The people of Britain have long been known for their particular ways, such as the food they eat and the way they talk. Even the way they present themselves to others has long been spoken about by people from other countries. If you are planning on visiting anywhere in the UK then here are some quintessentially British things to do!

1. Talk like a Brit

Talk like a Brit

Depending on where you are going, you’ll find a whole range of accents, dialects and slang in Britain. One of the most popular is the traditional cockney rhyming slang, which used to be extremely commonplace in London. It is not used so much anymore, but there’s no harm in giving it a go! You’ll find that market sellers still use it a fair bit, so take a trip to Spitalfields in London to test it out. Here are some easy phrases to get you started:

  • Apples and pears – Stairs
  • Adam and Eve – Believe
  • Ruby Murray – Curry
  • Dog and bone – Phone

There are loads more, so have a search through the internet and start practicing now!

Anywhere else in England, you’ll still hear words and phrases you didn’t know before. In Britain, the “boot” is the trunk of your car, while a “car park” is the parking lot. The process of renting a car is called a “car hire”. You don’t get your leftover food “to go” like you do in America, instead you order it for “takeaway”.

Even pronunciations are different. If you say the words zebra, mobile (phone), or schedule the way you’d say them in the United States, you’ll definitely sound like a foreigner!

2. Dress like a Brit

Dress like a Brit...

If there is one thing that the people of Britain are proud of, it is their fashion sense. Known as fashion leaders during the 60s and even still, Britain has a whole load of famous designers and shops for you to have a look through. If you’re visiting London then a trip down Oxford Street could have you searching for another suitcase to fit all the purchases in!

To truly dress like a Brit you will need a lot of jumpers (what Americans call sweaters), as even in summer it is not the warmest of countries. Add in some tweed as if you were going hunting and a nice pair of Wellington boots, also known as “Wellies“!

Just stay away from college t-shirts, baseball caps, and workout clothing for everyday use, if you want to dress like a Brit.

3. Eat like a Brit

Fish and Chips and Mushy Peas

British food is never going to top the culinary charts like their European neighbors  France or Italy. However, there are some things that have been invented here that will stay in the heart of a Brit forever. Some are much less adventurous than others, so it all depends on how far you’re willing to go!

Here are some typical British treats to look out for:

  • Fish and chips (fried white fish, French fries, sometimes with a side of mushy peas)
  • Bangers and mash (sausages, mash potato and normally a lot of gravy)!
  • Pie and mash (pie, mash and liquor which is a parsley sauce and not alcoholic)
  • Jellied eels (the name says it all, only for those with a strong stomach)
  • Afternoon tea (scones, jam and cream)

If you want to try any of these out yourself, you’ll find a whole host of cooking schools willing to teach the British way of cooking!

British Things to Do

This ends our lighthearted list of British things to do on your next trip across the pond. Britain is a wonderful place with some wonderful people. If you are visiting one of the larger cities then there will always be a hustle and bustle about the place. Those visiting a smaller town, village, or out in the country should expect a lot of nods and smiles from the locals. Try it and you’ll find out why England is one of my favorite countries to visit.

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