Preparing Your RV For Self Storage

Winter is halfway over but there is still a good chance that snow and ice could be coming again soon. While some may welcome this chilly season, others who enjoy outdoor activities may not embrace it with open arms. In fact, those who love outdoor activities like camping may need to take measures in order to ensure their main source of shelter–an RV–is safe throughout the harsh winter weather conditions.

Parked RVs

How To Protect Your RV From Weather Damage Independently

Self storing an RV takes a lot of preparation, materials, and time to ensure that the RV is well-protected to outdoor elements. Initially, all tanks containing water must be drained and flushed, including the fresh water tank. The water heater should also be drained and the drain valve must be closed. Owners should take the time to open all of the faucets and step on the toilet pedal in order to drain as much water as possible. Manufacturer instructions should be followed in order to properly winterize icemakers, washers, and dryers. It is critical to completely clear the water lines of any excess water, whether through an air hose or simply neutralizing the water with an approved RV antifreeze. Both of these methods will prevent lines from freezing, but keep in mind that the antifreeze method may take awhile to flush out in the spring.

Advantages of Storing an RV in a Storage Unit

Winterizing an RV involves much more than draining and flushing water. Without the use of a storage unit, owners are forced to invest in an RV cover in order to prevent mold. Utilizing a storage unit for your RV in harsh winter weather will prevent damage from trees or other debris. Storing your RV in a storage unit will also assure owners that their property is well-protected and under surveillance at all times. Renting a storage unit for your RV is a also good way to avoid damaged sod and unsightly bare spots in your yard.

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