Preparation is the Key to a Successful Mountain Vacation

A mountain vacation will be one of the most exhilarating experiences of one’s life. The mountains are grandiose, breathtakingly-beautiful, and majestic. While they are gorgeous and thrilling to explore, they are not without danger. It is imperative to be prepared for potential dangers during any mountain vacation.

Mountain vacation

Components of a Mountain Vacation


While hiking and trekking is one of the most thrilling adventures one will have on this vacation, the mountains are often a vast area of uninhabited forest. Part of the appeal of hiking is to allow one’s self to be removed from civilization to get away from it all, even if only for a short while. Elements can change without notice leaving even advanced hikers turned around, and ensuring a novice hiker will become lost quickly. Bring along a GPS device to ensure getting lost is an irrelevant factor on this mountain vacation.

The Essentials

Most people choose to stay miles away from towns or neighbors to truly experience Mother Nature at her finest. This means it will not be easy to access the essentials one might need on such a holiday. Bring sunscreen with the highest SPF levels possible. People are exposed to increasingly dangerous ultraviolet rays the higher the altitude they reach. Even if it is cloudy, use sunscreen. Bring bug spray, flash lights or head lights, extra batteries, lighters, matches, and any other survival tool one might need in an emergency such as a first aid kit and utility knife which are all recommended by boundary waters outfitters.


Bring layers. People who hike in the cold should bring base layers which help to pull moisture away from the body. Layers are crucial for cold hikes. People hiking during rainy season should bring appropriate footwear and rain gear. All individuals planning to spend time outdoors during any season should bring plenty of socks and bring along dry socks during long hikes. Keeping one’s feet dry is one of the most important aspects of mountain preparation.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The unwritten mountain exploration code dictates that you take out anything you bring into the mountains. The same is true of anyone hiking, canoeing, fishing, or camping. Consider bathing in a lake or river to save water. It is incredibly invigorating and refreshing, while being extraordinarily environmentally friendly.


Study safety precautions to be taken in the event of a bear encounter, and it is important to know how to store food properly so that bears are not attracted to the location. It is also important to be armed with the ability to evade an avalanche if one were to occur. Also, if a person becomes lost and needs to drink water, it is best to boil any water found from a natural source before consumption. Bringing along iodine tablets will work just the same for the short term if one does not have access to fire and a pot.

Places such as boundary waters outfitters will be able to provide invaluable information pertaining to all the supplies one could possible need or want for their mountain adventure. A little preparation will turn any mountain holiday into a spectacular memory.



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