7 Best Places To Practice Meditation In London

London is arguably one of the most frenetic cities in the world. When you visit London, you will have a lot to see, do, and deal with, which can be overwhelming sometimes. The sheer number of London landmarks, museums and attractions can be overwhelming. The good thing is that even as fast-paced as this city is, you will always get as much headspace as you want by practicing meditation in London, and mindfulness, in one of the city’s many calm, beautiful, and tranquil places.

7 Best Places To Practice Meditation In London

Of course, no one can dispute the impact a moment of introspection and calm can have on a frantic mind. Mental health experts say that mindfulness excites the part of the human brain that’s responsible for positive emotions. It calms a stressed and anxious mind, consequently improving clarity, focus, and productivity.

Being home to some of the world’s most beautiful attraction sites and wellness destinations, London is, without a doubt, a great place to visit for anyone suffering from anxiety and stress. Take a week-long vacation in the city and by the end of it, you will be an all-around better person. What’s more, if you need to boost your positivity and productivity before, during, or after your vacation in London, you can always consult a life coach, who will guide you through the necessary steps towards overtaking your problem.

Do you need help finding a good place to practice meditation in London? Here are 7 irresistible recommendations:

1. Sydenham Hill Wood

Part of the old Great North Wood, this wood is one of the quietest and tranquil places in the whole of the UK. Hundreds of different species of trees stand side by side all the way from Deptford to Selhurst, housing thousands of bird species. And, of course, there isn’t a better place to meditate than in the midst of nature and its sounds.

The wood is also home to a few woodland mammals whose sight will bring you even closer to nature. If you wish to take a walk around the vast mass of greenery, there is an old railway track that can act as your compass. Sit at the railway’s ornamental footbridge when tired and immerse your soul into deep meditation.

2. Buddhist Center

At the London Buddhist Center, you will be taught the art of mindfulness and meditation; how to handle depression, addiction, stress, and anxiety through being mindful and calm. You can take a 2-month meditation course but, if you are visiting London for a short duration, the best learning option for you will be the drop-in meditation classes whose timetable is way more flexible. If this has helped you, you can get a wall art of London, which will remind you of the amazing time you had, and help you deal with your anxieties.

3. Kyoto Gardens

Break negative thought patterns with one of London’s most spacious public parks. The humble, mindful Japanese setting in Kyoto Garden will help you relax and slow your life down. The park is tranquil and offers locals and foreign tourists a chance to exercise and reflect in peace; away from London’s densely populated streets.

After a meditation session by the Kyoto waterfall, you can opt to walk around the park’s winding path or just sit peaceful as you admire the fall’s attractive catfish. You will never lack options here.

4. Re:Mind Meditation Studio

Lovely scents, utterly gorgeous interiors, and cool sounds welcome you at this meditation studio. The furniture here is well arranged and comfortable enough to enable you to meditate for as long as you wish. The choice of indoor plants is also very impressive and meticulous, perfectly bringing the right nature vibe in the building. And then the colors: A mixture of organic colors that will appeal to your eyes and cleanse your soul. For those who love to read, there are tons of meditation books for you to try. And if you are struggling with voices in your head, the cool sounds herein helps you drown the unwanted voices so that you can calm down.

5. Battersea Park’s Peace Pagoda

The shrines in this park are extraordinarily peaceful and quiet, helping you forget the roughs and toughs in your life. The pagoda has been in existence for over 3 decades. It was inspired and built by monks associated with the Nipponzan Myohoji sect.

Kensington Gardens, London

6. Kensington Gardens

This is another royal park that you cannot resist when visiting London. The park is a vast green space, approximately 265 acres, that houses some of the most extraordinary architecture in the world. There is a unique blend of modern and traditional art that will shift your focus from the hustles of the city.

7. Bhuti

Meditation in London isn’t complete without some yoga and holistic organic treatments. Bhuti offers you these options and many others, including mindfulness classes.

Drawing Upon Your Meditation in London

When traveling, it’s key to make the most of your time, but just as important to take care of your mind and body. Yoga and meditation can help you center yourself, and counteract the stress of travel. Wherever your next trip takes you, make sure to find a calm and relaxing place to meditate or relax. And if that destination is to the heart of England, use this guide to help you practice meditation in London.

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